Written Patient Testimonials

We are delighted to share with you some patient journey’s over the years.  If you wish to speak with any former patients please ask you destination manager for current contact details.

Most Recent Testimonials

“I had the most amazing experience with Gorgeous Getaways! From the moment I contacted them to the end of my trip, their team was attentive, caring and professional. I felt completely comfortable and well taken care of during my surgery and recovery. I highly recommend Gorgeous Getaways to anyone looking for top-notch medical tourism services.”

Mary, USA - 2023, Facelift, Neck Lift, upper and lower eyelift - Cancun, Mexico

“Gorgeous Getaways is simply the best! Kael went above and beyond to make sure I had a wonderful experience. I felt completely at ease and well taken care of from start to finish. Thank you, Kael and Gorgeous Getaways, for the exceptional service and care.”

Sophia, New Zealand, Facelift, Neck Lift, upper and lower eyelift - Bangkok, Thailand

“Gorgeous Getaways exceeded my expectations in every way. The team was knowledgeable, helpful, and attentive. The medical facilities were top-notch, and I felt completely comfortable throughout the entire process. I would definitely choose Gorgeous Getaways again in the future.”

David, UK - 2023, Male Breast Reduction - Bangkok, Thailand

“Gorgeous Getaways truly lives up to its name! The accommodations were beautiful, the staff was friendly and helpful, and the medical facilities were state-of-the-art. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience. Thank you, Gorgeous Getaways!”

John, Australia , Facelift, Chin Lipo

“I am so grateful for Gorgeous Getaways! They made my cosmetic surgery journey stress-free and enjoyable. The team was incredibly supportive and I felt safe and well looked after by Melanie and Kael throughout the whole process. I would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to anyone seeking quality medical tourism services.”

Maria, Canada, Tummy Tuck, 360 Lipo - Guadalajara, Mexico

Patient Testimonials

Rebecca, Canada (53)

Procedure: Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, Lipo

I travelled with Gorgeous Getaways twice, once with Dr. Jalil (mommy makeover) and then with Dr. Nasir (breast lift).  Both experience and outcomes were amazing.  Next will be a facelift.  I might choose Mexico next time as the surgeons there are amazing, and Paty who manages Mexico bookings for GG is a true, caring, professional.  Facelift here I come!

Gloria, NSW, Australia.

Procedure: Breast Reduction with Lift. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. Surgeon: Witoon Wisuthseriwong.

I contacted Gorgeous Getaways after seeing them on TV, and experienced great service from the staff. The information I received from Destination manager left me feeling confident to arrive. Once in Phuket I was looked after by Victoria, she was very informative and was on top of my appointments. Since arriving home I have received good follow up service, the email contact has been constant. I would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to anyone who will listen!

Amanda, NZ.

Procedure: Extended Tummy Tuck. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. Surgeon: Dr Rushapol.

There was clear communication right from the start. Destination manager my client consultant in NZ, was very thorough and organized which was a huge contrast from another company I had dealt with. I was relieved to finally have someone listen, and take me seriously, it made me feel safe. I was so happy, Destination manager couldn’t have done more for me it was awesome. It was all perfect. Victoria, my client manager in Phuket was my ray of sunshine. She was really good with my partner and my son telling them about all the things they could do in Phuket. It was weird being in a new country you don’t know, so that was wonderful. And she stayed with me all the way through, even holding my hand as they put me under. I had never met her before but she was a really warm person, I gelled with her straight away I felt like I had met a new friend. In the hospital I had people in my room that were fussing over me every five minutes. I was treated like royalty. I had my own room, my own TV, my own couch for family to sit when they came to visit.  I would totally recommend this to anyone is thinking about it.

Diana, NZ.

Procedure: Facelift and Rhinoplasty. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. Surgeon: Dr Rushapol.

I am progressing well and going through all the formalities of the healing process. Looking at the before and after photos I am amazed at the outcome Dr Rushapol has created for me.  Even it is early days…I feel the results have taken off so much more than 10 years.  Thank you to Victoria my Client Manager, for her support, it made my stay very comforting to know I was in good hands.

Leesa, Queensland, Australia.

Procedure: Laparoscopic Mini-Sleeve. Hospital: Senawang Hospital, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Surgeon: Dr Andrea.

Gorgeous Getaways has helped me to have a very relaxed stress free surgery in Kuala Lumpar. Augustine was waiting outside customs with a sign of my name so i didn’t have to try and find him at all. I was treated like a celebrity, he took my bag and was given a very warm welcome from him. I was then driven to the Hospital by Augustine in a very nice comfortable, stress free ride into town.
The hospital staff were very friendly and gentle, and made sure that i was well looked after. I would recommend anyone who is considering taking surgery with Gorgeous Getaways to just do it!!! There is nothing at all to worry about, you get treated like a celebrity, i loved it!!
After my Hospital stay i was then greeted by a lovely lady Kumari!! She is an exceptional lovely lady, so so nice. Augustine and Kumari then took me  to the beautiful Pullman Hotel where my room was amazing!! Kumari stayed with me while i checked  in, which was fabulous as in case of language differences Kumari was there to translate for me.
My stay in the hotel was very relaxing, i was able to be in touch with Kumari everyday and didn’t matter what time of the day it was. Kumari, is a very caring, easy to talk lovely lady. I would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to any one considering having surgery over seas. They take all the stress out of going to a different country. Thank you so much for helping me change my life

Leanne, Brisbane, Australia.

Procedures: Breast Reduction with Lift, Hip to Hip Tummy Tuck. Hospital: Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Surgeon: Dr Jalil.

My Client Manager Kumari really went out of her way for me, she came in on weekends and on her days of to check on me. She also introduced me to other clients who we had lunch with. It was great to make connections with Australians and New Zealanders. I found the hospital staff at Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre to be fabulous, I can’t speak highly enough of them. I felt really relaxed, not like I was thousands of miles from home. Dr Jalil was great, he would always stop in on his way home to see how I was, and was genuinely interested in us chatting about our experiences in Malaysia, and making us feel welcome. So many people are too scared to go overseas for surgery, because of all the horror stories. That’s all you ever hear- the horror stories- you never hear of the good stories like this one. Now I’m spreading the word about Gorgeous Getaways, and a bunch of people that I know now want to have surgery after seeing the results from mine.

Angela, Melbourne, Australia.

Procedures: Full Facelift Including Upper and Lower Eyelift, Browlift, Neck Lift. Hospital: Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Surgeon: Dr Nasir.

This was an important trip for my husband and myself, and I found the initial groundwork to begin the process of my facelift and dental work for my husband via email extremely efficient and easy. I knew Gorgeous Getaways were only a phone call away, but felt no real need to phone anyone.
My surgeon Dr Nasir was very professional and had a friendly manner. I like that he has a sense of humour as well. I am beginning to see the results of his work 3 weeks post op as the swelling and bruising has all but gone now. He did a very neat job to my upper and lower eyelids, as well as a lovely job to my neck and jawline.
The staff at Beverley Wilshire Hospital always greeted us with a smile and the Hospital is very modern and lovely.
The dental staff did a great job with my husband’s new crowns and especially building up teeth instead of extracting them. He got a partial plate as well.
My husband and I were very fortunate to be supported throughout the 2 weeks by Kumari and our driver Augustine. Kumari is a lovely lady who was both very professional as well as friendly. In the days we did not need to go to appointments, Kumari phoned to touch base. This was extremely reassuring for me especially.
Gorgeous Getaways has a great team.

It is now 3 and a half months after my face lift procedure. Dr Nasir has done a magnificent job for me. I had no complications at all and he did for exactly what I had asked and had hoped for.  Those close to me who knew of my facelift including double eyelid surgery are all blown away at how well I look yet I still look like me. So I just want to say a massive thank you to Dr Nasir.

 April, Sydney, Australia.

Procedure: Gender Reassignment Surgery, Breast Implants. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. Surgeon: Dr Sanguan.

The Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute was fantastic, it’s beautiful, the staff are lovely they treat you like royalty. Dr Sanguan was fantastic, you wouldn’t find a doctor like that in Sydney, let alone a surgeon! He was just the nicest man you’ve ever meet, and ultra-cautious. It was really refreshing to get such honest opinions. He was always available and would come round every morning to check on me. I would highly recommend him. The Duangjitt Resort was exactly what you would imagine a tropical holiday to be, with immaculate gardens and a phenomenal swimming pool. Plus it was nice and quiet, having no traffic noise smack bang in the middle of Patong was incredible!

Catherine, Queensland, Australia.

Procedure: Vaser Liposuction, Tummy Tuck. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute. Surgeon: Dr Piyapas.

Everybody involved was excellent, the whole experience was very good. I didn’t choose Gorgeous Getaways because they were the cheapest, but because of the service. For me, being an older person, customer service is key. And the surgical side of it was perfect. My GP back home thought he did an excellent job, and that the incision was perfect. The surgeon was upfront and told me that it would take a couple of months to heal, that I wouldn’t see the full results for at least for months. But almost one month following the procedure I’m extremely happy with what I see.

Nicky, Whangamata, NZ

Procedure: Tummy Tuck, Vaser Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Breast Lift. Hospital: Yanhee International Hospital, Bangkok. Surgeon: Dr Suthat.

The results are impressive, all my clothes can be tucked in and I don’t have to wear loose outfits. I absolutely love it! All my friends are so envious of my flat tummy. I have brought some stunning dresses that I never dreamed I would wear, on even own! My client service manager Kael was adorable. We spent so much time together, she would stay at my hotel till late and even brought me dessert on my birthday because I was there on my own. When we drove into the city for outings she made me feel safe, the traffic was mind boggling with cars and motorbikes flying all around us! The drivers who took me to and from the hospital, and airport were lovely too, each trip they carried my luggage, opened my doors and there was always a good morning. I couldn’t fault them they were gorgeous. The best thing is that I now have a whole different mind-set. I’ve picked up a lot of confidence, I never wanted a bikini body but I know I could easily wear one. It’s impressive!

Linda, Japan.

Procedure: Breast Augmentation. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, Phuket. Surgeon: Dr Piyapas.

The reason I went with Gorgeous Getaways rather than another company is because of all the good reviews I read online. And it was a really good experience. My doctor was with me the whole time which was comforting. It was all very systematic. The staff were very professional, and very experienced, the doctor did a wonderful job. Just a couple of days after my procedure I was able to go out walking, shopping and trying the local food. I booked tours through the hotel, we saw the big Buddha and the cashew factory, it was neat to see the shows and try the food. You can’t see a big difference in my military uniform but when I’m wearing my civilian clothes you can definitely tell the difference. I didn’t go huge, so it still looks really natural, just much fuller. I didn’t expect it to be this good actually, it’s wonderful I couldn’t be happier with the results!

Laura, Auckland NZ.

Procedure: Breast Augmentation. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, Phuket. Surgeon: Dr Piyapas.

I had been wanting to change my breast size ever since I was a teenager, so after working hard and saving I decided to book a trip to Phuket to have a breast augmentation. I wanted to do this for myself, I knew this would be my breast size forever if I didn’t have the procedure, so I wanted to save up the money and do it for me!
The hospital care was better than I could have imagined, I was looked after extremely well. All the doctors, and nurses were really supportive.
I stopped being sore 3 weeks after her procedure, I’m amazed at how fast I have healed. My biggest concern was being put under general anesthetic, but with the support of the hospital staff and my mum I wasn’t scared at all. Victoria visited me and mum at our accommodation, and we had a lunch with other clients which was really nice.
I’ve had great reactions from friends and family with everyone saying they look really natural.
We stayed at Secret Cliff Resort in Karon Beach, it was beautiful, I was blown away with the views of the ocean and sunsets. I was able to lie in bed with air con and the views. I would highly recommend it!
I’m beyond happy with the service that I’ve had, and still continue to get. I would one hundred percent recommend Gorgeous Getaways.

Susan and Kelvin Cloutter, Queensland, Australia.

Procedures: Susan- upper blepharoplasty, mid/lower face lift, neck lift, under chin muscle tightening. Kelvin- direct brow lift, upper and lower blepharoplasty. Hospital: Phuket Plastic Surgery Institute, Phuket Surgeon: Dr Pirinya

We didn’t have to do anything other than book our hotel, Gorgeous Getaways did everything for us. The care we received from Dr Parinya and everyone involved was first class. I cannot begin to fault it, it was as good as any other experience we have had in Australia. Fabulous. We would absolutely recommend Gorgeous Getaways, they were very supportive. It felt like someone was holding our hand the whole way, we really didn’t have to think about anything other than booking my flight. They take care of all the communication with the hospital. Everything is organised by Gorgeous Getaways. There are so many misconceptions about travelling overseas for surgery. We’ve both experienced what it’s like, and we’re not silly people. We went into it in a lot of detail. It’s so much cheaper, there’s no compromise on the surgeons skills or the cleanliness of the hospital. You go in with a company like Gorgeous Getaways who are there holding your hand basically, it’s a no brainer. You’re chaperoned the whole way, there’s nothing to worry about. We would never contemplate having it done in Australia, it’s too expensive and the surgeons overseas have the same qualifications, they respect that you are leaving home and putting your trust in them. We found the facilities and the staff to be excellent, and the co-ordination impeccable.

Anne, Auckland, NZ

Procedure: Mid/Lower Face and Neck Lift. Hospital: Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre, Kuala Lumpur. Surgeon: Dr Nasir.

I heard about Gorgeous Getaways from the TV Show Beauty and the Beach, and after researching the company and surgeons online I decided to head over to Malaysia to get a mid/lower face and neck lift with Dr Nasir at the Beverly Wilshire Medical Centre.

The procedure will cost over half the price of a surgeon here- who quoted me $28,000 compared to $11,000 in Malaysia. Dr Nasir is just as experienced as anyone here- he trained in Edinburgh and Melbourne so the communication was no problem. The staff at the hospital were great, especially the anesthetist who helped to calm me down before the procedure, as I was very anxious about going under general anesthetic.

My client manager Kumari, and driver Augustine were amazing. If I had a problem Kumari would come and sit with me at the hotel any time to talk through my concerns. She was fabulous, so professional and caring.

Straight after the procedure I was shocked at how bruised and swollen my face was, but on day four, after resting, and following the surgeon’s advice methodically, I was out of the hotel enjoying the shopping and seeing the sights! Healing is a process that takes time, I had to learn to be patient.

It’s now a month after the procedure and things are looking great. My jowls have gone, you can’t see any scarring and it’s so natural looking that people have no idea that I have had work done. It doesn’t look ‘Hollywood’- I look in the mirror and I can see a younger, and fresher me, but it’s still me!


Hi Kiran,

Thank you so much Kiran you helped us through a very stressful time, we would have been lost without you. I don’t know if you have been in touch with Paula I emailed her on Saturday to let her know we were home and that we had a few hiccups along the way but then Kiran came along and got us through…You were our Angel.. Gorgeous Getaways are lucky to have you …
Have a safe trip home.



Hi Lorraine,
We would like to provide you feedback on Kiran.
She was amazing for both my mum and I during our time.
In the beginning my mum and i felt lost and had not much support with the infection I encountered.

When Kiran arrived and made contact she was amazing!
She is so caring and supportive, really helpful and she made us feel at ease!
Kiran is an asset to gorgeous getaways and I am so grateful she was there to assist us! She is wonderful!

Kind regards,



Procedure: Breast Lift, Bangkok

Thank you so much for the concern Paula, you have been great to me and on top of the communication through this whole adventure I have taken.
Just to let you know I keep checking the scar area every day and double check on the healing process and so far all good. Some of the stitches I was concerned about are just coming out in due time on their own.
I would be happy to recommend Gorgeous Getaways to any friends wishing to take the path I have taken.



Thank you for your email. I couldn’t be happier with both Yanhee Hospital, Bangkok, and Dr. Vitawat. Everyone at the hospital went out of their way to make me comfortable and look after me.

It makes a big difference having smiling faces around you when you are in hospital. My room was large and well equipped and the food was lovely (though I felt nauseous after the anesthetic I did manage to eat at the next meal). When I was ready to leave a nurse helped me downstairs and got a taxi for me, being alone it was great to have such attentive care.

Dr. Vitawat has performed an exceptional operation, my breasts look fantastic already and I know when they drop more into position they will look very natural.

Thank you Paula for your help organizing things.


I am currently 24 days post mini facelift with Dr. Nasir in KL and am totally thrilled with not only my emerging results but the whole she-bang!

I am 45 years old and the idea of having ‘maintenance’ surgery has always been something I was totally comfortable with when the time arose. I had rhinoplasty, fat transfer to my lips, lower blephs and jowl liposuction for my 40th birthday in 2005 with one of the top plastic surgeons here in Melbourne. I paid somewhere in the vicinity of $20,000AUD and received the surgery, one nights accommodation in a private clinic and one post op consultation around a week later. Since that time I have left my husband (and all his money!) and gone back to university full time on a very meagre centre link wage, so when the time finally did arise, the option of using the same surgeon for a facelift at a quoted $32,000AUD just became a financial impossibility.

Gorgeous Getaways was an organisation I had heard of vaguely through the media and conversations with friends around two years ago. I researched a myriad of companies offering similar packages to yours, applied for quotes and asked a million questions in the ensuing 24 months. My final decision to go with Gorgeous Getaways lay in your outstanding professionalism, your attention to ‘on the ground’ detail, and the groundwork your team have put in to making your packages of the highest quality. Similarly, the research I did on my chosen surgeon, Dr. Nasir, ensured me I was under the care of an extremely competent, experienced and qualified surgeon who was at the very least, on a professional par with the top plastic surgeons here in Australia.

When the time came that everything fell into place as far as my available time off, finances and Dr. Nasir’s availability, your consultant Paula, got everything rushed through in a fabulously seamless fashion in around ten days….very easy and painless!

Now as far as my actual experience is concerned, I run the risk of waxing lyrical here as from the drive to the airport, to the hotel, to the surgery and surgical team, to the amazing team you have, to the seven star hospital facilities I encountered, to the drive back to the airport, FANTASTIC! I lived in KL for seven years during the eighties, and as I have not visited the region since ’94 found it totally transformed, and yet still exactly the same! Your staff were very helpful in pointing out landmarks they knew I would recognise or places of interest they thought my partner and I would like to see…it was like having our own personalised tour guides on hand!

I do have to make special mention of one of your team however…Mari is a true gem! She was genuinely caring, informative, compassionate and knowledgeable and it was always a pleasure to have her ‘pop’ in to see how I was doing post op. And I intend to keep in touch with her on a personal basis. ALL the GG staff were totally commendable.

I promised to send the ‘team’ in KL photos of my face in a few weeks when all the swelling has subsided and I hope you get the opportunity of viewing them as well as I think I’m going to look great! My friends here in Melbourne include many who are shall we say, ‘well off’ and were quietly mortified that I was actually going to an Asian country to have major plastic surgery done….I am pleased to report that after viewing my results and hearing my experience, they have all been extremely impressed and I believe I have a few converts amongst them for you.


In response to some of the negative media articles on cosmetic surgery overseas:
All I can say is perhaps the women concerned didn’t do their research very comprehensively. Perhaps also Malaysia is significantly a better environment in terms of hospital and surgical levels of expertise and competence? Also, this could be a typical example of journalistic reporting – sensationalising what can go wrong, (which is statistically a small percentage with any surgical procedure/s), and keeping the majority of highly successful procedures and experiences in the background.

I had a wonderful experience. Dr. Nasir is extremely competent, and a humanitarian, and his professional qualifications are exemplary.
At no point did I feel like I was just a number in a meat-processing factory. All Gorgeous Getaways’ staff (especially Julianna and Mari) were caring and attentive to ALL my personal needs.
I did not find paying for accommodation and Hospital procedures up-front to be dubious or ‘dodgy’, as this is a common practice eg: in Australia I was quoted approx: AUD$32,000.00, with the expectation that all costs would be paid for PRIOR to surgery – 2 days in hospital were included in this price for approx: AUD$6,000.00 – any complications or additional stay would of course be additional.

I have no hesitation in recommending GG for cosmetic surgery.

I had a wonderful experience – Every day I can see more and more improvements – and I’m loving how my body looks and feels.

I really couldn’t give a continental what anyone thinks of my personal choice as an independent, mature and highly-functioning adult, who was pro-active and decided not to look like a fat, ugly old bag at 40. Good on me for having pride in my appearance, and the initiative to do what I wanted/needed to do, instead of whinging and moaning how bad I looked and felt. It’s a very personal choice, especially no amount of exercise would have corrected the physical taxes on the body after having children, hysterectomies and other radical set-backs!


My recovery from surgery has been fantastic, and would like to tell Dr. Tan that everything is going well and to thank him.

Since coming home I have noticed a change in myself. I have always been happy about my appearance, but after surgery I feel as though I am complete.
A lot of people here in Australia saw the video footage of our trip and have received positive feedback. Friends and people I know have been asking all sorts of questions and are very interested in heading over to Malaysia to have surgery done. My husband and family are happy with the way things have turned out and this makes me feel great.

Thank you and Kiran for your support while we were in KL.


I have just come back from Kuala Lumpur after having surgery with Dr. Jalil.

I don’t think that I have ever had such loving caring attention after any operation that I have had (and believe me I have had a few). What a wonderful man is Dr. Jalil he made me feel at ease before and after my long operation. I don’t think that there are enough words to of praise that I can think of for the beautiful and loving ladies who looked after me and of whom I will never forget. Nothing was too much trouble for during a very stressful time of recovery away from home.

They made me feel so cared for during my recovery ( Eyes, Face & Neck & full 360 Tummy Tuck). Your company ran like a well-oiled machine.
Please may I also mention the wonderful staff at the Hospital who made this time as pleasant as possible.

However the star would have to be Dr. Jalil who gave me such confidence due to the fact that he explained everything and knew exactly know to explain it to me. He was so thorough and compassionate that I had complete confidence in him the whole time that I was his patient. He treated me and my friend Gloria like we were his only patients.
My friend Gloria feels the same as I do about your company & your staff.


I want to thank you so much for the fantastic service you provide. I felt so supported and safe in GG hands. I am very in awe of women who just get out there and take on such a challenge. I imagine the startup process of this business in an off shore country must have been overwhelming at times for you and your family, but WOW! what a fantastic and comprehensive safe service you provide. I probably will do it again, as it is such an easy process and it is all about me now.


My two friends who travelled with me on my journey could not believe how quickly I recovered and the final facelift result after ten weeks.

I would like to say THANK YOU again to Julianna for making me feel that I was the only person they had to look after. What an asset you have in Julianna – I called her my SUPER WOMAN.


I have had such positive response from my friends – and from relative strangers! I have passed on the GG website/name to several people who have asked for it, including one shop assistant who was helping me try on dresses and whispered ‘I hope this isn’t rude, but your boobs look awesome, are they real?’ I was like ‘No, they’re new but thanks for noticing!’ She now has your website details as she was already looking into breast augmentation!

Anyway, it was a great experience and I’m so pleased.


Please pass on to Dr. Nasir that I am really happy with the nipple procedure. Just what I wanted and is the icing on the cake for me with my surgery. Everyone is suitably impressed with how I am looking and I am 6kg lighter on the scales. Thanks for all your help over my stay. Hopefully, we will meet again, maybe next year if I can get the tummy tuck and eyes done.


Wow, it feels so good to be home.

I just wanted to drop you a note to say thank you for the wonderful service I received while in KL. I am so please with my results and will be telling everyone and anyone that asks to use your service.
So thank you again, your ladies on the ground in KL are lovely and a credit to GG.


Couldn’t rate my experience highly enough. Extremely satisfied with my help, treatment and unforgettable experience. Thank you.


I am writing to you in regards to your country manager. My wife and the family returned from Malaysia on the weekend and I have had it on my heart to let you know that you have an incredible team set up in Malaysia.

I just wanted to personally let you know that having the opportunity to get to know your team over the last 2 weeks has been a real blessing to my wife, myself and my two children. They inspire absolute confidence and have the ability to make you feel important irrespective of whether you are the patient or patient’s husband.

I can’t praise your staff enough, but I must say that having met Kiran and knowing that she heads up Gorgeous Getaways as your country manager in Malaysia makes all the more sense. She is professional, courteous and exceptionally friendly. She is a diamond that shines brightly because she lives and breathes her values and beliefs in all what she does, she is a real asset to your team !!

I also wanted to extend my thanks to Mr.Lim, Augustine and Richard for their professionalism and friendship they definitely made each trip to the dentist enjoyable.

I would also like to thank all the staff at GG for your professionalism and your willingness to help my wife on this journey. Your help and friendliness was and is appreciated.

Thank you to you and your team in Malaysia they are inspirational and we will be sharing our experience to all.


I arrived home from KL on Friday from a wonderful experience with Gorgeous Getaways. I would like to thank and congratulate you on an exceptionally professional yet personable organisation.

Thank you to Julianna who was our customer service manager. She is an organisational superwoman, who didn’t miss a beat. She is quite lovely and genuine, and my sister and I are committed to keeping in touch with her.

Kiran is the serene hostess, belying the huge role she obviously has. Kumari and Mari took wonderful care of us and Richard and Mr Han were perfect hosts with great senses of humour, as well as great drivers. (My, what they must hear in the car!)

Everything is healing as it should be except my sense of relaxation which is preventing me from getting on with my day to day routine!

I hope to return at some time in the future when finances and time allows.

New Zealand

Upon arrival at the airport I was met and taken to my hotel room and I must say the hotel (Hilton) and environs were beyond expectation! All the medical staff were just wonderful and I at no time felt any apprehension. My Dr and GG staff were always there for me (I was travelling alone). Food was the most awesome experience and with all the fresh juices and fruit I healed so quickly which was remarkable for a 54 yr old who looks just 40 now!! If any woman or man for that matter is thinking of getting a makeover I would say book now, I promise you that you won’t regret it.

The prices are affordable I paid $18,000or so – I was quoted $56,000 in NZ plus I had a luxury holiday and made new friends. I had a full tummy tuck. Oh boy you want to see it now, still as flat as a pancake! I had my nose straightened, brow lift, eyes done, full face lift and I look stunning now. I also had lipo to arms and waist…oh my new tiny waist. The Doctor had sculpted me into the perfect hourglass figure and best of all it is still the same. The scaring healed so well I can hardly notice anything on the tummy at all.

To sum up, the girls are just great, taking us out and just being there, so personal. When I can, I am going back for some non-surgery luxuries.


Having an extended tummy tuck and breast lift was the best thing that I ever did. The service from GG was wonderful, right from the first enquiries by email to meeting the fabulous GG ladies and excellent surgeon. At no stage was I worried, all questions were answered and I had full access to my surgeon, the great Dr. Jalil, whenever I wished. The whole experience was fantastic. It was considerably cheaper than in UK with a world class hospital, staff and doctor. And to top it off I had a lovely holiday while I was in KL.


From the beginning to even now my experience with GG has been outstanding, from the minute I arrived in Kuala Lumpur I was cared for medically and emotionally. I felt totally relaxed and had people on call around the clock if I needed them.

My surgeon was friendly and approachable, he was also realistic in what the outcome would be. I was always treated as an individual and made to feel that I was their only patient of that day rather than just a number, nothing was too much trouble.

My results medically have been fantastic, more than I could ever have hoped for.


I have had the most life changing experience, a decision that I have not regretted at all, and was overwhelmed by the professional service I experienced whilst in Malaysia; private, personal, and professional, and was treated with the upmost of respect, will I go back for more? “YES” without a shadow of a doubt .


Great care and attention from arrival to departure in KL.
First class hospital and surgeon. Excellent accommodation. Very good customer service from GG. Attentive and caring at all times, pre and post operatively.


Having had a major procedure (liposculpture) in KL through GG, I am overall happy with the result one year down the track. The staff were lovely and the sense of community was a bonus, as it can be a very lonely experience getting cosmetic surgery. The hotel was great and in a convenient location, even if my particular hospital was not! I wouldn’t do something so heavy duty again, but I would trust any of the KL surgeons over the clinic-based Aussie ones. They have so much experience and most people seem happy with the outcome. Compare that to my recent experience in Sydney getting Injectables, where the guy completely botched up a simple couple of jabs. Probably cheaper to fly to KL again and get it done properly! Don’t listen to the cynics – GG are offering a great option at the price we should all be paying – why should wealthy socialites have all the fun?


I had a facelift and liposuction with GG in Apr08 and was thrilled with the treatment I received from the surgeon, hospital and all GG support staff in Kuala Lumpur.

The surgeons used by this company are truly top-notch and the hospitals leave our private hospitals here in Melbourne for dead. The aftercare is also something you cannot get at home. I will be going back for a tummy tuck and further procedures as soon as I can afford it and get the time.


Gorgeous Getaway experience was truly amazing… offering only the best surgeons, staff, hospitals, treatment and support.

The staff being friendly, loving and extremely caring and helpful to their patients – us.

My surgeon was the lovely Dr. Jalil, and the result of the procedures was absolutely fantastic, and he was not only knowledgeable, but also has “respectable bedside-manners”. The hospital –which was above 5 star, for meals and accommodation.

By the way, I am not a Doctor person, my cosmetic procedures are the first surgery experience EVER. And let me tell you – I would NEVER change this experience…. I am ever so HAPPY with my results…. people now, think I am in my early 30’s, not mid 40’s…

I most certainly, highly recommend Gorgeous Getaways for surgery – excellence in every way. ?


Choosing GG was the one of the best decision I’ve ever made! The surgeon was excellent, the hospital was of the same high standard as private ones in the UK. The hotel was 5 star. After surgery we spent the time relaxing and enjoying our holiday in Kuala Lumpur. The GG team are there daily for you, from transport to care. Nothing is too much trouble for them. I was so delighted I returned later that year with my husband for more surgery! We have both been complimented how much younger we look. Money well spent!


Although I had my surgery with Gorgeous Getaways four years ago, I am still delighted with the wonderful results the surgeon achieved. I had a face lift and tummy tuck and both procedures are still looking great. I have nice memories of constant support from GG staff, the top class surgeon and well-appointed hospital. Everything went as planned and I was winging my way home a new women after just 21 days. As I went to Malaysia alone, I really appreciated the personal care and reassurance everyone at GG extended to me; I had the opportunity to play tourist and visit some outstanding places and all for about a third of the price of surgery at home. I have recommended Gorgeous Getaways to many of my friends and family and will continue to do so.


I used Gorgeous Getaways in July 2007 and from the company to the doctors and hospitals and nursing staff I cannot fault a single thing!

Plastic surgery was something I had dreamed of for a long time and was looking forward to going.

I traveled on my own and was absolutely fine! I actually felt like a VIP from when I first arrived at the airport with a driver from GG holding a sign with my name on it until I had to leave. Once you get there you are so well looked after by the GG ladies. They are the best. They organize everything appointments, transport to and from & outings if you want to see something. There is also a weekly get together with other patients I found it great to be with others in a similar situation.

I chose to stay at the Swiss Apartments in Malaysia and I was not disappointed, it was beautiful.

My surgeon, Dr. Jalil, was friendly and approachable; he was also realistic in what the outcome would be. Everything went perfectly the outcome medically has been fantastic, I am so happy with the results! and the mangers are just great, taking us out and just being there, so personal.

When I will want to go back for future touch up surgery I will definitely use GG again and I would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to anyone, for a well organized, professional surgery/holiday.


What a fabulous company. Of course like most of us traveling overseas for this type of surgery all my friends and family were concerned about the overseas fears. Is it clean? Is it hygienic? Is the care ok…? Well, I was blown away by the world class health care facility I went to. I am a nurse in Australia and all I can say is – we need to take a page from their book. The nursing care was brilliant and the surgery was no problem. In fact my Manager, Mari, was a registered nurse who had New Zealand and Malaysian qualifications – you can get better than that for your ‘in hotel’ daily post surgery care! The staff from GG were like my friends and they were always interested in how I was feeling and if they could do anything for me. I will be returning in a few years for more.


Gorgeous Getaways come highly recommended by myself and my family. I was looked after by the staff of GG from the time I contacted them and beyond. I traveled by myself and was chauffeured just about everywhere. The hospital, its staff and surgeons are faultless. The quality of care I received was amazing. And the hotel….WOW. It is breathtaking.

Although I traveled by myself I felt very much that I was with friends and was very much spoiled with the level of care, treatment and friendship received. Have come away with much more than a great new body and can’t thank GG enough.


I had a full facial and a tummy tuck and could not be more pleased. 6 months on and I feel wonderful.

I have had so many comments on the way I now look I could not be more pleased.
My surgeon Dr. Jalil was amazing, I could not have wished for a more compassionate and caring person for my surgery. The hospital staff were excellent and so very kind, nothing was too much trouble to make my stay as comfortable as possible.
The Gorgeous Getaways staff on hand at the hotel were marvelous and I appreciate everything that they did for me. I could not have been better looked after if they had been family.

I would recommend any of my family or friends to have surgery with Gorgeous Getaways.

Thank you so very much for the change in the way I feel about myself.


I traveled to KL on my own and was there for the two weeks stay on my own too. It was absolutely not a worry for me as the team at Gorgeous Getaways are so helpful, friendly and efficient. I trusted them and they delivered.

It was stress free due to the whole delivery of services running like a well-oiled cog. The staff were always cheerful but also compassionate when necessary. Kiran, Julianna, Kumari, Richard, – all just genuinely warm and caring people.

Dr. Tan was easy to communicate with and he was honest and took the time to listen. The experience was successful for me in every way.

Many thanks.


I travelled to KL with Gorgeous Getaways in July to have a breast augmentation and rhinoplasty. Everything was very well planned and the communication from my case manager was brilliant. Dr. Jalil performed my surgery and he was very kind and his experience shone through. The facilities at the Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital were first class and the staff brilliant. I am very happy with my results and was very well looked after while there. I would recommend Gorgeous Getaways to everyone I know!


My plane arrived in Sydney ½ hour early so my husband was not there. I rang him and said I would wait in the coffee shop.

I could see him walking up towards the coffee shop so I just sat there. He walked up, looked in, walked away, looked around and came back. I had to wave so he knew it was me. He could not believe it was me, every time he looks at me he still smiles and says “You look amazing”.

My other two daughters said I look too young to be their Mum and look amazing.

Back at work now. I have had a few comments but have got around all of them. Only one of my the supervisors pulled me aside and asked me if I had my eyes done and I agreed. He said that the surgeon did a great job.


If you are considering any plastic surgery, I would highly recommend Gorgeous Getaways. I have just had a tummy tuck & liposuction to my calves, inner & outer thighs, buttocks and lower back. Dr. Jalil performed this surgery, I believe to perfection. From my admission to hospital & meeting Dr. Jalil to today, my second last day here I have been treated like a Queen.

Dr. Jalil is the most relaxed doctor/surgeon I have ever met. I have had cosmetic surgery before so I am not new to the procedures. I was in hospital for 3 days & I received visits from him every day. Even one day I was not feeling very well & told the nurse – she organised for him to come & see me in his surgery break. I doubt very much surgeons in Australia would do this! I have had a fair bit of swelling around my stomach area & saw Dr. Jalil last night. He organised for me to come to his room this morning where he drained the fluid (big relief). He gave me his business card with his personal hand phone for me to call any time when I get home.

If you are considering plastic cosmetic surgery my advice to you is to come over here & have it done! The weather is fantastic & the shopping even better.

Gorgeous Getaways staff are amazing. I have had Mari and Kumari take care of me like I was the only person they had to worry about. I met Rita, the head nurse today at my hotel & I already feel like she is a friend. When you are told a driver will pick you up at 11 then he will be there.. Absolutely nothing has been left to chance.

As for the pain.. I am a big baby, so recovery for me will take a bit longer. Saying that though, I am coming back next year for a facelift with Dr. Jalil. I will not even contemplate seeing anyone at home which is Singapore at the moment or even Australia.

Please ask me any questions about my surgery, I am more than happy to share my experience.


I had surgery this year with Dr. Nasir in KL. I had a Breast aug, lift, a tummy tuck and also a mini facelift. I went with Dr. Nasir because he was a bit cheaper but had the same good rep as Dr. Jalil. I stayed at the Swiss Garden Apartments which is a serviced apartment (very nice) everything you need. I traveled by myself so I also got the Platinum Package which gives you extras such as the ladies come for 2 nights and stay with you when you first get out, (they are just wonderful!!) plus massages and a few other things. I am very happy with my results. The hospital is like a 5 star resort, the nurses are awesome.

Honestly no pain though. I was very lucky and didn’t bruise at all, I took Arnica tablets about 2 weeks before. It is 7 months on now and everything has healed well. My tummy is still very numb but I don’t think that ever goes after talking with other people that have had it. Anyway, I would highly recommend GG, everything is top notch!!!! If you would like to ask any other questions feel free, if I can help I am more than happy to.


Dear Kumari
I would just like to again extend our thanks and appreciation to you. You are a truly lovely and caring person! Thank you for all your care and dedication to both myself and my mum during our stay. You honestly went above and beyond the call of duty in coming to my aid in the middle of the night when I was scared. I am still feeling a little fuzzy in the head and am just planning a quick trip to the doc over here to check it out. It’s probably just the way my body has reacted to the trauma of surgery, but best to check it out just in case. I can see a change in my body every day and bruises are settling nicely now. I am extremely happy with the result that is beginning to show, so please be sure to tell Dr. Jalil for me. Mum is still bruised but she is only 2 weeks out yet and feeling better day by day.Swiss Garden Apartments were wonderful. The staff courteous and kind and efficient. We are planning on coming back in 2 years for a holiday and will be contacting you again for the accommodation.

Hope you are well and happy!

Julie and Lucy

I would just like to tell you what a lovely time we had with the Gorgeous Getaways package.

Although I was not the one undergoing surgery, I was just there to support my daughter Lucy I was treated as part of the package and every one of the GG Team included me in all the events – thank you.

From arriving at KL airport to the day we left, we were both treated in a friendly happy manner by all members of GG. The package was superb and we had a wonderful time with the GG team who are all lovely people, the one person who made our stay extra special and we would like to praise her was Julianna – she is a credit to GG. I feel I made a special friend in Julianna and I will miss her very much.

Sally was amazed how well the surgery went and how little pain and bruising she had; her boobs are amazing and she is so happy now.

Thanks again, you are a great team.


I had 7 children so had what both I and my husband called my “baby pouch”. I always wanted to get rid of it but was very scared to have cosmetic surgery; and we just couldn’t afford what Australia was charging!! We went to a cosmetic surgery clinic in Melbourne and was quite shocked at the cost!!! Then saw a programme on Channel 7 about someone who’d had surgery done by Dr. Jalil in KL. That’s when I decided to contact Gorgeous Getaways and requested surgery ONLY with Dr. Jalil.

I had my tummy tuck and liposuction done in September last year and I’m absolutely thrilled with the results. Everyone that knows me was absolutely in awe at what I’d had done! I’ve just come back from a cruise where my husband and I have renewed our vows after 43 years (my husband has terminal cancer and it was one of his wishes on his “bucket list”). If I had the money I’d definitely go back to KL and have Dr. Jalil do a facelift for me. He was a wonderful surgeon, so caring and definitely one in a million!! I can say this as both my husband and I are registered nurses. Take care. And god bless with all your good work!

NZ client

Emailed this morning but I think my coin ran out before I got to send it. Just letting you know all is well am recovery really well with no hiccups. Have just got back from afternoon tea and a bit of shopping. I am a bit tired am looking forward to having’ a cuppa and putting my feet up.

I have to check in with myself to make sure I am not dreaming it all seems very unreal. I have no regrets at all. The hospital is amazing, and I thought the hotel was fab (and it is). The hospital, staff, food etc. are like 10 star!!!

I did have lots to say but just want to rest for a while I have one of the lovely ladies coming to stay with me again tonight which is awesome. Top service I don’t think I would get this anywhere in oz, not even if I paid private!!!!

Will keep you posted xxx

Bailey, 40
Treatments: Breast Augmentation

Thank youthank youthank you. All is great, my husband is a very happy man and all my family and friends are thrilled with the results. I have been telling everyone how great your company and staff are, and that GG is the only way to go.

Jennifer, 33
Treatments: Tummy tuck, liposuction to hips, thighs and back

I am so happy I can fit into a lot of my old clothes and that is wonderful in itself. I feel less self-conscious and I am really happy with the healing process; no trouble at all.

I loved my experience . I would do it again in a heartbeat. For less than I would have paid here, I got the attention of the top doctors, in the top hospital, with around the clock care for three days and a holiday for my whole family. It is an experience that is unbeatable. I still can’t get over the generosity and good nature of the local people, they are all wonderful

Thank you so much for making this experience possible. I feel like myself again. I feel like this is a new beginning to the rest of my life and makes me realise too, that nothing is final and inevitable and anything that you don’t like or are uncomfortable with, you can change. It gives me hope that the future can be anything I want it to be.

Treatment: Breast Lift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction to Abdomen and Thighs

To the Producer of The Today Show,

I watched your interview from Gorgeous Getaways on the Today Show this morning. So interesting. I’ve just returned from my own extreme makeover in Malaysia, pursuing the ‘yummy mummy’ trail that you talked about. I underwent a breast lift/reduction, an abdominoplasty (tummy tuck), liposuction to my thighs, flanks, back, waist and trunk. Laser treatment to my face, nasolabial filler and Injectables. Yes I had the works!

Certainly it was no holiday in the conventional sense. It was surgery. My makeover was ‘extreme’. I was particularly dubious about going offshore. I didn’t want to end up in some third world location with unsafe and unhygienic hospitals. I admit that when I booked to go, I did so on the proviso that if I was not happy when I met the surgeon and visited the hospital I didn’t have to go ahead. I could simply stay and have a holiday. No-one in Australia would give me the same type of option. In Australia the cost is high, you have to pre-pay before your hospital date and you’re required to sign a disclaimer so that your surgeon doesn’t take any real responsibility for any later problems anyway.

I think it’s worth considering why women are turning to surgery. There is an enormous amount of pressure on mothers now; to snap back into shape, rejoin the workforce and just get on with it. In my experience motherhood is far more demanding than we give it credit for. Even after coping with the challenges that it presents at home, many mothers are then treated as second class citizens in the workplace. Employers, knowing the dual demands of family and work, tend to opt for childless and often younger women to fill demanding positions. Many mothers, end up on the ‘mummy track’ stuck in part time jobs with poor security and lower rates of benefits. (Barbara Pockock, in her book “The Work Life Collision”, talks more on this subject.)

Mothers are called upon to make tough choices. Do we return to work? Do we place our children in the care of others? How on earth can we maintain any sense of positive personal identity when our lives revolve around cleaning up vomit and poo? We are fortunate enough to live in a time when more than ever before we have choices. We don’t have to choose from the same limited pool of choices that our mothers were presented with. We are more health focused, more conscious of planning for the long term. We don’t want to accept our bodies will look middle aged as soon as we’ve had children. We exercise, eat right and can even consider the option of surgery. Unlike a generation ago it is now safer and more accessible than ever before.

For myself, going to Malaysia for my surgery meant that was able to have all the procedures that I had wanted. You see twenty years ago, at the tender age of 22, I had my first baby, a massive 9 and a half pound girl –by caesarean section. But rather than shrink back to my probably figure afterwards, I was left me a large overhanging apron of stomach skin that left me feeling very insecure about my body. Though I embarked on extremely rigorous diet and exercise programmes, successfully losing my excess weight, I could not get rid of the stomach. Strangers would ask if I was expecting, which left me feeling humiliated. I felt like a freak. My post baby body was distinctly different to other women my age. Though I was still young, my body looked like it belonged to my mother. Since then I’ve delivered 3 more babies by C-section. Each time my stomach overhang has become worse and worse. It’s caused me terrible lower back problems, while the matching pendulous breasts have played hell with my neck.

I have to admit I was pleasantly surprised by my experience in Malaysia. The surgeon was great, the hospital top class and the accommodation and follow up care excellent. Malaysia is such a vibrant and developed country and I felt safe and secure at all times. Something I hadn’t counted on was the great friends I made while I was there. There were many other women having different procedures done. It created a really supportive network of people to have around you. I would never have been able to get such a good recovery period at home with the children to look after. For once in my life I felt like I was the one getting looked after, and after four children I can assure you it was about time!

Certainly the sense of trepidation I felt before going was terrible. I wish I hadn’t taken so long to decide to go. In fact I was so nervous that I kept a diary of my experience and put in online as a blog so others considering surgery could see what the experience was like. You might even find it interesting yourself. It’s at http://plasticsurgeryinmalaysia.blogspot.com

I’m really happy with the results of my surgery. Certainly it’s early days yet. But already I feel a sense of liberation. I’m happy and proud to be a mother of four, but I’m thrilled to not have to advertise it every moment of the day. My back and neck pain is gone and I know I look great! It’s a wonderful feeling.

Wendy, 45
Treatment: Breast Augmentation

To the Producer of The Today Show,

I have recently returned home from a fantastic cosmetic surgery holiday with Gorgeous Getaways in Kuala Lumpur.

I saw your story on the Today Show yesterday morning when you interviewed Gorgeous Getaways and also this morning. I am quite amazed that Australia seems to be so negative towards these kind of fantastic affordable surgery packages.

My experience with Gorgeous Getaways was excellent and I have nothing but praise for their staff, the hospital staff and my doctor.

I did a lot of research on cosmetic surgery in Asia before I made my decision and I found Gorgeous Getaways to be the most affordable company giving the best service. I was able to download my Doctors CV so I did have information about him before I even made my decision. I also was able to make contact with other Gorgeous Getaways Clients in Cairns to get more information. I had numerous emails from GG staff throughout the 4 months prior to my surgery, they were always happy to answer any questions promptly that I had in regards to anything at all about my holiday, accommodation, surgery etc.

I understood fully that regardless of where I had my surgery, Australia, Malaysia, Thailand, Sri Lanka, that there could be complications and that nothing could be guaranteed. Gorgeous Getaways choice of Surgeons and Hospitals is of an extremely high standard, the hospital I was admitted to in Kuala Lumpur was better than any 5 star Hotel I have ever seen, I would rate it at least at 10 stars. The Nursing Staff were extremely professional (I was a Nurse many years ago) and they gave me the most efficient care, I could not have asked for better.

I could not compare the quality of the medical care to Australia today. I met my surgeon the night before my surgery and he spoke at length to me of the procedure and as stated before he did make me aware of complications that could happen and assured me that every possible care would be taken to prevent anything not going to plan. I was fully aware of everything that was going to happen to me and my post op care also. I was not nervous in any way and felt totally confident and at ease with what I was about to do. I thought that I would feel a little apprehensive and nervous but having the support I had I was fine.

I undertook my trip alone which was a big decision to make, being in a foreign country let alone having surgery. As I mentioned before, I did a lot of research which prepared me for my adventure.

Of course the cost of the package also had an impact on my decision. I could never have afforded the surgery in Australia with the cost being double my whole holiday in Malaysia. Until I found Gorgeous Getaways I knew I would never have gone ahead with changing my appearance and having Breast Augmentation.

Now I have done it I am so happy with the result and am so glad that I made the decisions I did. I hope many other Australian women discover Gorgeous Getaways and also go ahead and make their dreams come true.

I will do my best to promote this kind of Cosmetic Surgery and am happy to be contacted by you if you would like to know more about my experience.

I urge you to do a more positive story on the many women who have had Cosmetic Surgery Overseas.

Pauline, 59
New Zealand
Treatment: Facelift

A wee note on the anniversary of my surgery to say a Big THANK YOU again to all of you for looking after Frances and I so well. Please convey my thanks to Dr. Jalil and his team at Ampang Puteri Hospital. Best wishes for a very happy 2008.

Arohanui and God Bless

Sue, 51
Treatment: Facelift

The whole experience in Malaysia with GG was wonderful, I cannot thank you and all the people of GG enough, you are all amazing. I have been singing your praises to everyone, and have given your web site to all who are interested. I intend to come back to Malaysia with GG as soon as I have enough money. I would like a tummy tuck and some liposuction. Thanks for everything.

Paulette, 38
Treatment: Upper and Lower Eye lift

“THANK YOU” to you and team for a wonderful result and a wonderful stay in KL. Thank you for your professionalism, generosity and care.

Hilary, 56
New Zealand
Treatment: Facelift

It’s good to be home and yes it was an experience well worth taking. I would be happy to talk about my experience with Gorgeous Getaways and my facelift. I think it was money well spent Dr. Jalil did a wonderful job. Every day just gets better.

Thank you for your care and follow up. I will recommend you to my fellow work mates. I know there are plenty of people that would love to do what I have done.

There is a market for this in Southland New Zealand.

Carole, 36
Treatment: Breast Augmentation

Please can you pass on my thanks to the whole team in KL –the Managers and the wonderful drivers. I was very impressed with the whole experience and the kind and caring attitude of the customer assistance team.

From the word go – I was made to feel supported and there was always a call to see how everything was.. Stephanie was wonderful, providing assistance, when my friend was injured and I found this most kind.

My local GP has commented on what a wonderful job Dr. Nasir did, so many thanks to him.

Philamae, 42
Treatment: Liposuction

What a super lovely bunch of people at Gorgeous – all the lovely GG managers that my husband Jay has been teasing, as well as Dr. Nasir and the staff at the hospital. Thank you ALL so much – all’s going smoothly and soreness is bearable BECAUSE of the loveliness and smiles.

Please forward my genuine appreciation of all the people that have helped me (GG managers, frontline, online) as well as to the boss!

Rell, 45
Treatment: Tummy Tuck, Liposuction to Abdomen, Hips and Thighs, Breast Augmentation

Just a quick note to let you know I am now a GORGEOUS GIRL I have not been this happy with my figure since I was 20 years old and this year I turn 45 I feel 20 yrs younger OK girls I look 20 yrs younger I am now in a size 10 jeans instead of my 14 – 16. I have a DD bust which looks like they should belong to a 16 year old and Peter cannot keep his hands off them. It has now been nearly 3 months since I had my surgery and I cannot thank you all enough for your kindness and support during my stay in KL, before during and after my hospital stay you were all fantastic. A very special thanks goes out to the medical staff at the hospital and especially thank you to my surgeon Dr. Nasir.

Just the other night Peter and I were watching a local TV program about a woman that had gone to KL through Gorgeous Getaways she had the same procedures that I had and was very upset with the way it had all turn out. When we saw the photos on the TV we realized why. This women had obviously not lost the weight before surgery, not worn her surgical garments afterwards and her expectations was an instant fix, although we felt annoyed at the bad publicity she gave. She was one of the very few who made no effort to follow the advice of the hospital or surgeon. Don’t worry guys, we are doing a great job letting everyone know how fantastic you all are. Once again, thank you.

Please forward this to ALL who were there for us.

Pat, 58
New Zealand
Treatment: Facelift and Liposuction

Hope all is well with you. Since being home, I have had so many compliments about how I look. My thanks to Gorgeous and Dr. Nasir.

Please continue to send newsletters as one day I will return. My best wishes to you and your team of great girls.

Harjeet, 46
Treatment: Tummy Tuck, Liposuction and Breast Reduction

I just wanted to thank your company – GG and the staff for their professionalism and caring attitude.
I was most impressed the Dr. Nasir, staff of Ampang Puteri hospital and above all GG Staff such as Kiran, Sal, Anne and Driver Mr Han who looked after me very well .
I have almost recovered now and will definitely recommend GG to my friends here in Sydney

Thanking you once again.

Tennielle, 21
Treatment: Breast Augmentation

I was originally smaller than an A cup and I am now a fabulous D Cup!!

Where do I start… I guess I chose Gorgeous Getaways because it felt right, from day one I had a great feeling about them and I went with my instincts.

The medical staff, my surgeon, my nurses and the GG ladies that took care of me were fantastic I think they are the people who really just blew me away and made my trip.

From my experience I made the right decision! I am extremely happy with my new body and it has changed my life forever. I am so glad I had the courage to go through with it.

Susan, 54
Treatment: Facelift

I have sent some emails to your staff thanking them for the attention they gave to my every needs whilst over in Malaysia. I am so happy with my FL from Dr. Jalil it is everything I wanted! Also I just want to congratulate you and your staff for doing everything and more to make myself and my husband’s stay everything that you advertise. I would recommend GG to anyone that is considering going overseas for surgery using your company.

Natalie, 22
Treatment for Natalie: Breast Augmentation

Being about 6 weeks since my BA operation in KL, I want to email the GG team and thank all of you for your help and support. I am so glad that I decided to have the operation organised through GG. I am going along well and although I still have chest pains occasionally, I am pretty much recovered!

The decision to have a BA was a huge decision for me to make personally, I want to thank you for answering all of my questions, often asked through my mum when I was away- that was a big help in making my decision. Over in KL, the support and guidance that the team – and Ann in particular – gave me was second to none. I felt like I always had someone to talk to if I had any concerns about the op and the recovery. There was someone with me every step of the way. I had a better understanding of what to expect after the op and they reassured me that what I was experiencing was normal.

I know my mum and my grandma -my family support team- also raved about the GG team as well. Not only did the team help me, they helped Mum and Grandma with “touristy” advice, included them in the Chinese lunch, and even took them along to the night markets when at the last minute I didn’t feel up to it.

Dr. Nasir was so easy to talk to, and so professional. He spent time easing my fears, reassuring me and making sure the end result would be what I was after.

Erika (for Natalie, 22)

I’d like to add my thanks and gratitude to you and all your gorgeous team.
Thanks for your patience in answering my never-ending queries and concerns. This was a huge step to take and involved a lot of debate and research. Thanks for helping us make the right decision!!

Your team is fantastic!! Ann is the most calm, friendly, thoughtful and efficient lady. Was great to have her with us all the way. All others were so lovely too – (I won’t mention all names in case I forget one).

Checking up on Natd daily – never intrusive but always there when we needed someone. Reassuring us that all was normal. Even the driver who took us to airport Stevie Chan – a great tour guide! He showed and explained so much on the way, and then looked after us until we booked in – so thoughtful!!

Mum and I were included in everything which was lovely for us and for Nat.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience and for Natalie’s increased self-confidence – she now has breasts and is so much happier with her body.

Ryan, 19
New Zealand
Treatment: Rhinoplasty, Cheek Augmentation

I had an amazing time in Kuala Lumpur and am extremely happy with my surgery. I’d just like to thank you and all the wonderful customer service team at GG’s who made my stay so enjoyable.

Denise, 41
New Zealand
Treatment: Breast Augmentation

Thank you for all the trouble you went to to get me what I needed in regards to my bookings for hospital and accommodation. My breasts are very beautiful and I couldn’t have been happier with the hospital or the lovely Doctor that looked after me.

Janet, 41
Treatment: “Fabulous Facelift ” Package

I just wanted to let you know that the “spur of the moment and encouragement” to have a complete face and neck lift has turned out fantastic. Apparently it has taken 20 years off my age, I have never felt better. Given the reservations and how upset I felt just after surgery, the results have far exceeded my expectations. I still have some numb areas and a little bruising left but I guess this will disappear in time, but it doesn’t show!

Thank you to you and your team, Dr. Jalil.

Anne, 48
Treatment: Full Facelift, Extended Tummy Tuck, Arm lift, Thigh lift, Chest Lipectomy

I recently returned to Australia after having multiple procedures performed by Dato’ Dr. Jalil at Ampang Puteri Specialist Hospital, as arranged through Gorgeous Getaways (GG). I write to express my thanks to all those who assisted me through this experience.

I would like to thank you for assisting me to find Dr. Jalil as your company made this comparatively easy. Being able to meet with Dr. Jalil in Sydney was critical as I would not have considered such extensive elective surgery unless I was comfortable with and trusted the surgeon.

I also thank Sister (Sr.) Margaret John. As a clinical nurse consultant, with the greatest respect, I compliment Sr. Margaret on her professionalism, nursing expertise and ease of communication. I was fortunate to have my sister (also a registered nurse) with me and we both looked forward to Sr. Margaret’s daily visits to our Lanson Place Apartment. We felt reassured knowing that she would ensure our nursing care of the patient (myself) was appropriate; she would provide guidance, support, wound management, and identify potential clinical problems. All this she did with subtlety and graciousness. Again, and with warm regards, thank you to Sr. Margaret.

I would also like to acknowledge the support and service provided by the hard working GG customer service staff including my case manager Mari Tan, the delightful Stephanie Eng and the very professional and competent Helen.

As the days pass I am increasingly enjoying the physical and emotional freedom that my Malaysian ‘holiday’ has facilitated. My only regret is that I did not have the opportunity to see more of the country and her wonderful people.

Dionne, 41
Treatment: “Zap the Fat!” Package

Dr. Charles Lee, I just can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done…You were there right from the consultation making me feel relaxed, comfortable, when I needed it most. You gave me something very special back. In time, I look forward for the overall results. Yes I will return not only for more surgery treatments, but for a holiday and of course, to see my favorite DR now!!
Once again, Thank You…Keep up your excellent work!

See you next year!

Elaine, 33
New Zealand
Treatment: Breast Augmentation, Teeth whitening and veneers

You will have a lot of support from Gorgeous Getaways, and their staff is highly professional – you will enjoy them throughout your stay. You will love the decision you will make and the journey you will undertake.

Dr. Jalil is an exceptionally gifted and understanding man. I am thrilled with the result!

Julie, 33
Treatment: Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation

I’m back in Australia after my surgery with Dr. Jalil and feel fantastic. I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and the rest of the Gorgeous Getaways team for all the help and support you all provided to me. I am now letting everyone else know how wonderful you are. My Lapband surgeon in Australia has even asked me to give talks to his perspective clients as well as established ones about my lapband and my surgery overseas, so hopefully you will be receiving some referrals very soon.

Thank you again, you really have changed my life.

Tracy, 34
Treatment: Tummy Tuck, Breast Augmentation

Just a quick note to say “Thank you” for all your help whilst we were in Malaysia. Valerie and I are both really happy with our surgeries and had a fantastic time in KL.

Have a very Merry Christmas and Happy New year.

Debbie, 35
New Zealand
Treatment: Extended Tummy Tuck, Liposuction, Breast lift

Well, it has been 5 weeks since surgery now and I feel great. Thank you guys so much for making this surgery accessible and affordable. You were all so wonderful and I will never forget you. I have been working hard on my weight loss since being home and have lost a few more kilos. So looking and feeling great. I love going shopping now because I am an average size and everything fits and also for the first time looks great as well. Dr. Jalil is amazing what a wonderful and clever man. I cannot say enough about your service. Looking forward to the before and after photos so I can see what I use to look like. You forget so quickly.

Treatment: Facelift

I have now had my surgery and I think that this is the most wonderful thing that I have ever done in my life!!!!
I thank you and Dr. Jalil from the bottom of my heart. XXXXXXX

Jason, 25
Treatment: Rhinoplasty

Thanks for everything whilst I was there – I really had a great time there and felt so looked after – I will certainly remember the whole thing so fondly. Everything is good with my surgery results – looking better day by day as the swelling goes down. I was really so happy with the results straight away and couldn’t believe that there was hardly any swelling or bruising. Take care and say hi to everyone and a big thank you for looking after me so well. I really really appreciate it.

Elaine, 61
Treatment: Facelift, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction

Am I pleased with the results? Well, pleased is an understatement – over the moon would be more to the point. Friends and family keep telling me how great I look but nobody has asked if I’ve had a face lift, I just look fresher in the face and I find myself smiling a lot more. My husband is delighted with my new look and my new confidence.

I am so happy with my flat tummy, I have gone down two dress sizes although only losing about five kilograms, I needed to purchase some new clothes recently (everything was too big) and it has been a real delight to look at fashionable classy clothes for a change.

I know I am a lot more confident, not just about the way I look but the way I approach life. I no longer feel or look my age and no longer feel like my life is out of control, and tell anyone who will listen how happy I am.

Gorgeous Getaways were simply superb, before, during and after my surgery everything was spot on, I had all the necessary information to make a decision and from the minute I arrived in Malaysia all my expectations were met. Staff members couldn’t do enough for me, always cheerful and friendly, accompanying me to and from appointments and best of all they dealt beautifully with any difficulties.

I felt very confident with Dr. Jalil, he seemed to understand exactly what I wanted, he also made a few suggestions that turned out better than I had expected. The hospital & it’s staff were extremely attentive and went out of their way to make me comfortable, in fact I believe the care was equal to most hospitals back home.

Michelle, 21
Treatment: Breast Augmentation

Everything is great, I have got rid of all my old padded bras! Everyone has said I look healthier and happier!! It’s boosted my confidence quite a bit, I don’t get all shy anymore about my chest, which is great!!!!

The bruising and swelling have gone done completely, and I got the stitches taken out OK, and I have brought some pure natural vitamin E oil to reduce the scarring.

I’d be more than happy to recommend Dr. Soma, he was great for me and I’d tell others the same.

Jacqueline, 55
Treatments: Facelift, Tummy Tuck, Breast lift, Liposuction to stomach, hips and thighs

I can highly recommend GG and Dr. Jalil. My surgery has worked out really well – although do not underestimate the pain. The accommodation at Lanson Place was ideal – plenty there but enough privacy.

I would not have a single complaint about any of the treatment I received from GG or the hospital staff. They could not do enough for you and I was so glad that I had booked with them.

I am almost healed now and my body is amazing. My face didn’t even have a bruise and makes me look much younger.

Judith, 51
Treatments: Facelift

“Gorgeous Getaways are the most professional medical tour business in the world, I would highly recommend them.”

Kelly, 25
New Zealand
Treatment: Breast Augmentation

I’m back from my surgery in Malaysia and had a great experience and results, thanks! I was out shopping the day after I got back to the apartments, I think everyone commented how fast I was out and about.

I thought your team in Malaysia were really great, also, the team at the hospital; the lovely ladies whom looked after me, I couldn’t fault them.

Diane, 43
Treatments: Facelift

I can only say I don’t know why I waited so long and GG staff were fab as were hotel and hospital staff – I couldn’t have afforded this in UK and would highly recommend your company to anyone.

Jordana, 20
Treatments: Breast Augmentation

Thanks for everything! It was brilliant and I really couldn’t believe how good the service was. I wasn’t even expecting GG to be half as good as it was.

Marilyn, 53
Treatments: Breast Augmentation

We cannot thank you and all the team up there for your helpfulness and encouragement through the entire surgery process plus your follow up calls & visits, we will be certainly referring you to all our friends who may need your services.

Jenelle, 26
Treatments: Tummy Tuck and Liposuction (2 operations)

I would tell anyone considering cosmetic surgery to go to Malaysia with Dr. Jalil and GG as there is no comparison with anyone else.

Words are not enough to explain how good the hospital and the nurses were also Dr. Jalil and the GG team. The service was better than great. Everyone was so helpful and friendly.

To all the GG team thanks so much for your help and support.
Dr. Jalil is my god.

Wanda, 37
Treatments: Breast Augmentation

The service received was very good. Having someone take care of the formalities, knowing the lingo, thinking in your best interests, arranging for you to combine it all with a holiday, taking care of the things you would not nave necessarily thought about and taking care of you from the moment of your pick up until your drop off, and all of this for the same price or even less than what you would pay for the surgery alone.

Toni, 37
Hong Kong
Treatments: Rhinoplasty, Breast Augmentation, Liposuction

My breast enhancement was absolutely fantastic!! Dr. Jalil was fantastic, I must say he is a lovely artist! I think he knows what looks good and what doesn’t. I think if you have a particular look in mind for your results then make it perfectly clear to him. He’s easy to talk to and will give you plenty of time if you need it.

I got a lot of individualised attention – GG will organise tours and beauty therapy sessions on the side for you, and will have their driver do a lot of running around with you if you want to get out and about.

In regard to having the surgery overseas, I think having a company like Gorgeous Getaways to help look after you is the only way to go. You have full support and help and back-up, which you wouldn’t get if you did it alone.

Jenny, 57
Treatments: Facelift, Breast Reduction, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction

I can only praise the care and attention that I received from G.G. Everyone was very kind, helpful and warm. I have already responded to Craig in this vein. I enjoyed meeting everyone and feel that I have made new friends. I hope that your organisation grows and continues to flourish.

I found the hospital very clean and the nurses well trained and efficient. Their aseptic techniques were good and the nursing care was fine. Dr. Jalil is very talented, and he is clearly gifted.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Gorgeous Getaways to anyone who is considering plastic surgery.

Kerry, 53
Treatment: Facelift

“Fabulous” Dr. Jalil is a legend, and a great guy to boot! I am very happy with my results”

Paula Redding, 48
Treatment: Breast augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction to hips and thighs

I thought the service and care was excellent in Malaysia. I felt extremely comforted and safe not only by the staff at Gorgeous Getaways, but also Dr. Jalil and the nursing staff at the hospital.

Joanna, 34
Country: UK
Treatment: Breast augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Liposuction to hips and thighs

I have heaps of confidence now, I feel much younger and today I start at the gym where I am going to work hard to maintain my new body.

My eternal gratitude and thanks goes to the staff at GG, Dr. Jalil and all the staff at the hospital. My thanks also, to the other ladies I met who had had their surgery done and kept my chin up and my spirits high.

Alison, 31
Country: UK
Treatment: Breast augmentation

I am more than 100% satisfied with your service – from the moment I got in touch with you until I arrived back in the UK I was looked after. I am confident that you GG and Dr. Jalil will take care of everyone that travels for surgery.

Lisa, 26
Country: Australia
Treatment: Breast augmentation, liposuction to stomach

Thank you for all your help and support I received from you during my holiday in Malaysia. My nerves and insecurity disappeared once I met with Kiran and then the surgeon – you were so great with helping me through the whole experience. I honestly believe I couldn’t have achieved such a good result without your support, and I am just thrilled that all up everything was half the cost as the operation in the Australia!

Leanne, 43
Country: Australia
Treatments: Breast augmentation, Facelift, Liposuction, Scar revision, chemical peel

I am ecstatic over the result, I look totally natural and my boyfriend says nobody would know I’ve had plastic surgery, I just look “better”.

Dr.Jalil is a wonderful man and I am very impressed with him and his skills. GG was fantastic with me

John, 54
Country: Australia
Treatment: Facelift

I am so pleased with my new look, no one has noticed that I have had surgery, which is testament to a natural look. However friends have commented that I look youthful, that I look late 30s, which can’t be too bad for a 54 year old man!

Kiran (in Malaysia) was great, she goes that extra yard in making sure that her clients have a positive

experience. The hospital where the surgery is performed is at least equal to, if not better than what is available in Australia. The surgeon and staff at the hospital are first rate and all speak excellent English.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Dr. Jalil and Gorgeous Getaways as means of having cosmetic surgery performed at a reasonable cost to any of my friends or family.

Kelly and Ben
Country: UK
Treatment: Breast augmentation, Tummy Tuck, Facelift

My husband and I would like to thank everyone at Gorgeous Getaways. We had a wonderful holiday, and the lovely time away took my mind off the pain of recovery! I will definitely be referring Gorgeous Getaways to all my friends and family.


Well, now that I’m home and on the road to recovery, I wanted to again say “THANK YOU” to you and all the staff at Gorgeous Getaways Malaysia for a fantastic experience and wonderful journey.

Thank you doesn’t seem enough for all your care and attention that you expressed to Mark and myself. You made the whole experience a very memorable and rewarding experience for me and I can’t thank you enough for your friendship and help throughout my time there.

The whole Gorgeous Getaways package from the meet and greet, through surgery to the final sad goodbye was one of the most heartwarming and fantastic experiences that I have ever had. You treat your clients like family and when you come from another country not really knowing what to expect and come across such loving, warm, genuine people as yourself and the rest of the staff it is very reassuring and comforting. Kumari, you are 1 in a million, you are certainly in the right job and I hope Gorgeous Getaways realise what an great asset they have in you. I certainly couldn’t have done it without you and Gorgeous Getaways.

We are keeping in touch with the other ladies we met and have formed a fantastic friendship group. (Also thanks to you).

I will definitely be back in Kuala Lumpur (maybe for more surgery) in the next few years, so will look you up to say hi. If you’re ever in Perth, please don’t hesitate to contact us, we would love to see you.