Your choice for a surgeon shouldn’t just be the price. All our recommended surgeons ensure significant savings in comparison with prices at home. It is important that you also consider their working styles to match your personality and goals of the surgery.

Some are specialists in particular areas of the body while some will undertake multiple procedures. It is worth looking at past patients’ experiences to help to guide your choice. Your surgeon is the key person in your planned holiday in Malaysia because you rely totally on him/her for technical advice, surgical skill, and post-operative care.  In Malaysia and other south-eastern Asian countries, all follow-up care is tightly directed by the surgeon, whereas in Western countries, nursing care takes more precedence.

To have a better ‘patient to surgeon’ match, we have put together some relevant information together about surgeons we have worked with and can safely recommend. This way, you can choose your surgeon by getting a feel about his personality and the way he works before you meet with him.

Tip: Please book your surgeon carefully: don’t choose purely based on price, instead, consider the surgeon’s skills, bedside manner, and the hospital quality. We do offer budget options for those who are having straightforward single procedures, if you are having multiple surgeries, then please consider your surgeon choice very carefully.
Dr. Jalil – BWMC
A kind-hearted, patient man with an excellent reputation, for long or complicated surgeries. Best for people who want a surgeon with a caring and understanding bedside manner.

Surgery specialization: Multiple procedures, Complex procedures, Tummy tuck, Breasts, Facelift, Vaginoplasty, Liposuction, Thigh lift, Buttocks lift

Age: Late 50’s

Personality: Dr Jalil is very humble, reassuring and relaxing. Many past patients describe him as really caring. He does not fit the typical stereotypical surgeon; he is very friendly, easy to talk to and relaxed. Typically, he will either greet you wearing jeans or in his green scrubs! He is very confident and if you are not sure what you want, he is excellent with appropriate advice and predicting what exactly will suit you. He works long hours, but he will give you all the time for consultations.

Pros: Long, thorough consultations, flexibility with times – will see you any day of the week and weekend if he is available. His quiet yet confident manner puts you at ease, no question is silly and he answers them, leaving you feeling informed and trusting. He is really highly respected, and has recently been “knighted” by the king of Malaysia.

Cons: Waiting time for his consultations is often long, we cannot give exact times until the morning of your consultation – sometimes consultations are done very late at night after his surgery. However, he has great stamina and amazing patience so he will always have time for patients.

Best for: Multiple procedures, larger ladies for extended tummy tucks, and ladies and men who are not sure exactly what they want and they want reliable advice from a knowledgeable surgeon.

Dr Nasir

A very experienced surgeon with training in Melbourne, Australia. Dr. Nasir is an extremely popular and highly skilled surgeon who spends long hours in the operating theatre, so his consultation time may be more limited than other surgeons.

Surgery specialization: Tummy tuck, Liposuction, Breasts, Facelift, Vaginoplasty, Thigh lift, Buttocks lift

Age: Mid 50’s

Personality: Dr Nasir has a deserved reputation amongst medical personnel and patients as a consummately skilled professional surgeon. His surgery time is his major priority often putting in many extra hours to get the best possible results for his patients. He is a clear communicator about procedures, however, he is not a ‘chatty’ doctor, and so, therefore, consultation times are often relatively brief.

Pros: His package prices in the Beverly Wilshire Medical Center (BWMC) unbeatable, no-nonsense approach to patients, flexible times as he works long hours, very clear and precise communication.

Cons: Mainly with his limited consultation time: Dr. Nasir doesn’t beat about the bush in consultations, giving information clearly and quickly, so his consultations are much shorter than other surgeons.

His operating schedules mean that he does patient consultations either before or after surgery and this can result in his in-patient consultations happening at odd hours, such as late at night or during weekends. He frequently does his consultations on the day of surgery as he finds that this is a better and more efficient way of doing surgery, so all the details that you spoke about in the consultation are fresh in his mind. However, this does not give patients new to surgery much time for reflection or questioning. This is good for patients who are straightforward, know what they want and they don’t want to wait hours and days for their surgery. However, if you don’t want to have short or a consultation close to surgery, then you may want to choose another surgeon.

Best for: Patients who know exactly what they want, do their homework and don’t need a long discussion of choices and options. Those who want an outstanding surgeon and hospital at a reasonable price, and who understand that consultation times will be shorter because of the popularity of the surgeon.

Dr. Andrea Ooi

Specialty: Bariatric Procedures

MBBS (MAHE), MS (UKM), Dip. Laparoscopic Surgery (India), Fellow in Bariatric and Metabolic Surgery (Taiwan)

Dr. Andrea Ooi is a dedicated surgeon who has more than 17 years of medical experience under her belt. She has helped many individuals achieve and sustain their ideal weight through Bariatric surgery over the years.

She is also an expert in obesity and metabolic management and has published more than ten research articles and presentations related to this field.

Find out more about Bariatric procedures with Dr. Andrea Ooi.