Torsoplasty after Major Weight Loss

Torsoplasty is commonly known as a Body Lift, Lower Body Lift Upper Body Lift. This procedure specifically targets the middle and lower part of the body.  The torso and the back.  This means that it reshapes all the areas  are located from the abdomen to the thighs.  Sometimes, you need more than a Tummy Tuck, a Liposuction or a Thigh Lift to recover a youthful appearance. A Torsoplasty is recommended for people that have had major weight loss. This procedure removes excess quantities of tissue and sagging skin.

Vertical or Horizontal Torsoplasty ?

TorsoplastyTorsoplasty is also known as Back Reduction, Back Lift, Back Lipectomy or Belt Lipectomy.  This is because your Surgeon has the specific task of removing all the skin and tissues drooping in your back, the sides of the chest and the bra strapline.  This means that he/she will definitely focus on the lovehandles.  Depending on your specific case, this kind of surgery be the right fit for you.  If it is, your Surgeon will recommend a horizontal or vertical Toroplasty.  Your body will be very well sculpted and your looks enhanced.

  • Vertical Torsoplasty – Usually the incision goes from the armpit to below the bra strapline.   But sometimes it may extend to the top of the hipbone. The scar does not go across the back, which is an advantage.  Another plus is that the Surgeon can sculpt an hourglass figure (trim waiste).
  • Horizontal Torsoplasty – This procedure is also known as brastraplasty. After the excess fat is removed, then the remaining skin is lifted from front to back. This means that the incision will go across your back and towards your buttocks.  The plus of this procedure is that much more sagging skin can be removed.

Recovery Time

This may take up to two weeks, so get ready for some time off in an exotic destination.  You will not be able to lift things, take the sun or make any major efforts until approximately four weeks after your surgery.  Your after care program will be carefully designed by your Surgeon, and you will need to follow it to the letter to ensure the best results. And your new hourglass / butterfly silhouette, will make it worth it !

Body Contouring After Major Weight Loss

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