Textured breast implants were very popular at some point. But unfortunately, this type of implants started to be associated to fatal cancer risk. Many cases were documented with a condition called breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). All of those with textured breast implants.  However, there were many women that never developed any medical condition.  Nevertheless, Cosmetic Surgeons are not allowed to use them anymore. They were taken off the market for safety reasons in July, 2019.

BIA-ALCL Symptoms

Rippling, leaking and breakage are some other issues associated with textured breast implants.  And there are some specific symptoms that will make you aware of it.  If you feel pain, swelling, or if you notice changes in the breasts size, you need to see your Doctor immediately.  Also if you notice increasing firmness or a lump.   These symptoms usually develop after seven years after surgery, but do not disregard regular check-ups every year.  They are of utmost importance to avoid any risk of BIA-ALCL or any Breast Implant Illness (BII).

BII Symptoms

Breast Implants Illness (BII) can develop in/or around the capsule surrounding the implants.  Women can present different symptoms associated to BII and BIA-ALCL besides the ones that we have already mentioned. Some of them can be breathing issues, skin problems, joint or muscle pain, chronic fatigue, etc.  Depression and anxiety may also be present.    This is the reason why we insist on regular check-ups.  You need to be certain every step of the way that everything is fine with your health and your textured breast implants.

Should I Remove my Textured Implants Removed/Exchanged to Ensure my Safety?

It is not recommended. But, if you decide to go ahead, ask your Surgeon if he/she recommends a pathological examination of the scar tissue or any fluids.

Will I Need a Capsulectomy if I Have my Textured Implants Removed/Exchanged ?

Most likely yes you will. Removing your implants and their capsules (scar tissue around the implants) at the same time, will avoid any materials to filter into your body.

What is the FDA Point of View?

The FDA removed the texturized breast implants from the market in July, 2019. However, they do not recommend to remove them if you do not have any symptoms.

How Do I Know What Kind of Implants Do I Have ?

Your cosmetic surgeon should have provided you with a device identification card showing the manufacturer, type, model and serial number of your implants.  If he/she did not, go ahead and ask him/her for this information.


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Do I Need To Exchange My Breast Implants?


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