Santiago de los Caballeros is known as the first Santiago in América since its settlement in 1495.  But nowadays, it is called “Ciudad Corazón” (Heart City) meaning its location in the center of the stunning Cibao Valley.  What you will find in Santiago is a cosmopolitan atmosphere, a thriving city with a wonderful Spanish heritage.  If you are a fan of historic landmarks, arts and culture, this city has plenty to offer. And not far beyond the city limits you will be able to enjoy the wonderful sight of the mountains and a cool breeze!

Santiago’s ProCigar Festival

Believe it or not, Santiago de los Caballeros is recognized worldwide for its large production of cigars.  The ProCigar Festival is hold every year on February with all the factories participating.  There are cigar field and factory tours for you to learn and be impressed with this wonderful world.  So if you are up to combine your cosmetic surgery on 2022 with this festival, that will be great.  Click here for more information about it.  There are also workshops, conferences, and other activities available.

Puerto Plata

It is for sure that you will not want to miss the turquoise waters of the so called “Nature Island”.  Puerto Plata is approx. 2.5 hours far from Santiago.  You will be amazed by its Victorian-style houses and you can enjoy the atmosphere of a private island in Cayo Arena, also known as Paradise Island.  The crystal-clear water, and white-powder sand beach are astonishing.  The breathtaking view at the top of the cable car is worth it!  And if you are looking for a vibrant night, visit Sosúa.  Next morning, do not forget to try the fresh-caught fish in Sosúa Bay.

Caribbean Flavors of Dominican Republic

For two consecutive years, Santo Domingo was awarded as the “Culinary Capital of the Caribbean” by the Ibero-American Gastronomy Academy.  And that is because once you taste these Caribbean flavors, you just fall in love with them ! Its fusion cuisine of Spanish conquerors, African slaves and Tainos native people, makes it absolutely different from everything you have tried before.  So dive in and surrender to what the locals will recommend to you.  The Dominican cuisine experience is exciting and memorable.

Cosmetic Surgery + Recovery Home

Dominican Republic offers you everything:  Paradise nature, breathtaking views, stunning mountains, cool breeze, absolutely delicious food, art, culture, and also the cigar world.   And on top of that, you will find one of the best cosmetic surgeons, Dr. Javier Baez Angles, located in Santiago de los Caballeros. So the best plan is for you to arrive a couple of days before your surgery and enjoy the wonders of the island.  And after your surgery, you can stay at the perfect Recovery Home to enjoy a smooth recovery period before flying back home. Contact us to begin your cosmetic surgery in Dominican Republic today.

Remember that you do not need vaccination nor antigen test to enter Dominican Republic! 

Meet Dr. Javier Baez Anglés in Dominican Republic

Recovery Home in Beautiful Dominican Republic

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