Cancun, MX: Safety Guaranteed for Visitors

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As you know, Mexico has become the prime destination for travelers.  And with no entry restrictions, turquoise waters and white-powder sand beaches, the Caribbean has remained as the # 1 Destination in Latinamerica.  In order to guarantee the safety of all visitors, the National Guard has created the "Tourist Batallion".  An army of 1,445+ will

Puerto Vallarta, MX For Your Cosmetic Surgery

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Book As Fast As You Can Winter is right next to the corner and loads of medical travelers are ready to make their dreams come true. Christmas and New Year's surgery dates are almost fully booked in all our destinations !  So we encourage you to book as fast as you can to avoid waiting

Destination: Puerto Vallarta, MX

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Puerto Vallarta is worldwide known as the legendary destination full of romance and breathtaking sunsets.  Definitely one of the favorite spots in the Mexican Pacific for those who enjoy a port-town atmosphere.  You can find exotic vegetation along with high mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean ! Its warm weather, the cobblestone streets, and the afternoon

Destinations Without Travel Restrictions

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Winter is coming for northern countries.  So if you are looking forward to a worry-free cosmetic holiday, you must take advantage of their super relaxed entry requirements of Mexico and Dominican Republic.  These amazing countries along with Costa Rica, are very flexible.  While the rest of the world has been devastated by border closures, curfews,

Destination: Los Cabos, MX

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Los Cabos has always been a favorite destination for travelers from around the world.  Basically divided into San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, it has much more to offer.  You have the tourist corridor among these two ports, as well as El Arco, Cabo Pulmo and Todos Santos.  There are plenty of beaches,

Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

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You are maybe wondering what is that so special about Istanbul.  Well, to start with, it is one of the oldest cities of the world, and nowadays is the historic, cultural and economic metropolis of Turkey. It is the only transcontinental city in the world. where you can decide as whether to visit its European

Destination: Santiago, Dominican Republic

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Santiago de los Caballeros is known as the first Santiago in América since its settlement in 1495.  But nowadays, it is called "Ciudad Corazón" (Heart City) meaning its location in the center of the stunning Cibao Valley.  What you will find in Santiago is a cosmopolitan atmosphere, a thriving city with a wonderful Spanish heritage. 

Destination: Barcelona, Spain

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Cataluña's Alluring Capital Barcelona is one of my favorite Mediterranean spots.   It is vibrant, beautiful, sunny and with such a stunning architecture that you will make you see the world differently.  With fascinating history, the famous Barri Gótic (Gothic Quarter), and Antonio Gaudí's surrealist buildings, Barcelona has many wonders to offer to travelers from around

Destination: Cancun, MX

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The Heart of the Caribbean This amazing destination is also known as the "Heart of the Mexican Caribbean".  It was 50+ years ago since it started to be popular for its natural attractions, archaeological sites, white-powder sand and turquoise waters.  Nowadays, you can also enjoy diving and sport fishing, as well as wondefulg theme parks

Destinations Open for Vaccinated Travelers

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Many countries are opening its doors for vaccinated travelers.  This means that they will be allowed to skip antigen and PCR testing, as well as quarantine requirements.   In the next weeks, more destinations in the European Union and Schengen Nations are expected to join the list. Keep in mind there may be exemptions for high-middle


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