Destination Malaysia Tourism Visitor Facts

Getting to and from Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia tourism – Kuala Lumpur is easy to access, with direct flights from most capital cities in the world. Malaysia Airlines flies direct to KL from London, Manchester, Sydney, Melbourne, and Perth. Direct flights are also available with Air Asia, Tiger Airways and other low cost carriers.

There are other airlines flying to KL with stopovers including KLM, Qatar Airlines, and Emirates.


Most western countries do not need a tourist visa to enter Malaysia for a short time, but you need to ensure that your passport has minimum 6 months validity from date of travel.

The maximum stay to enter Malaysia without a visa is 3 months for countries including Australia, New Zealand, U.K, USA and other EU countries. For other countries, please visit respective Consulate/Embassy website for visa requirements.

Weather and Temperature

Malaysia is tropical, therefore is hot all year, alternating between rain and sunshine. Temperatures vary between around 20-30+ degrees all year.

Safety in Malaysia

Malaysia is a safe destination, with no additional threat from terrorism than any other country in the world. Kuala Lumpur is generally safe, although precautions should be taken against petty theft.


Bring lots of lightweight, casual clothing – long pants and long cotton shirts are perfect for the heat. Shorts, miniskirts and sleeveless garments for women are not advisable.


Travelers have little to worry about in a country where the health standards are ranked amongst the highest in Asia. Tap water in the hotel is safe to drink, but the hotel supplies free bottled water.

Money and Costs

Malaysia is fairly inexpensive compared to Australia and European countries, has a great exchange rate, and, with a great selection of clothes, shoes and food, is a shoppers heaven. It is easy to exchange money and credit cards are accepted many places.

Food and Drink

Malaysia is a multiracial country where every type of cuisine in Southeast Asia is largely available. Although predominantly Malay, Chinese and Indian food plays a dominant influence in Malaysian culture. Many Western, Japanese, Korean, Italian food, to name a few, can be found in restaurants in the city. Although Malaysia is largely Islamic, alcohol is widely available as well.

Other Facts

Currency: Ringgit
Time Zone: GMT/UTC +8
Dialling Code: +60
Electricity: 220V ,50Hz
Weights & measures: Metric