Recovery After Your Plastic Surgery in Mexico

Recovering from your dream surgery abroad is easy when you are well prepared for the days ahead.  Your recovery period may vary from one to two weeks, depending on your specific surgery.  For 1-2 procedures you may need an 8-day stay, and for 3-4 procedures you may need a 15-day stay.  Keep in mind that these days are of utmost importance for your final recovery at home. Eating well, resting and walking are essential factors for your well-being and speed recovery. And there are also three golden rules to strictly follow to ensure the healing process.

Post-Operatory Guidelines

When you book your surgery, you will receive loads of information in your Welcome Package.  One of those are the post-operatory guidelines.   In the first page you will read the three golden rules to strictly follow:

  • No Smoking
  • No Drinking Alcohol
  • No Sunlight near scars

This means that basically you cannot have so much fun after your dream surgery.  Specially if you are in a paradise beach! That is not exactly what you expected, I know.  But if you want to enjoy the wonders of an exotic destination, then you need to arrive some days before your surgery.  Just keep in mind that enjoying the beach and a great suntan is also our of the question. Your Surgeon will not touch a burned skin by the sun.  He/she will postpone or even cancel your surgery.

What to Expect After Surgery

You will experience swelling and some bruising and pain after surgery.  This is the natural process of healing.   Your Surgeon will provide you with a prescription of painkillers to ease the discomfort you may feel.  Pain is a natural response of the body, so do not dispair if you have a low pain tolerance. Pain management is a great skill that you can use to endure a little discomfort in the first couple of days. And just focus on your new you. You will be so happy about your new face and body, that you will only want to see the amazing results.

Emotional Support

Experiencing your cosmetic adventure on your own, may bring some challenges along the way.  And one of those is that you may feel in need of emotional support during the recovery process.  It is completely normal to feel vulnerable when your body is not at 100% capacity!    If you think that the journey will make you feel challenged, lonely or depressed after surgery, you may need consider extra pampering and nice people around you.  Considering staying at a Recovery Home brings you these benefits, and much more.

Lymphatic Massages

Most of the times, whenever you had a liposuction, a lymphatic drainage massage will be very useful.  It is highly recommended to get your skin in peak condition.  Most packages include 2-3 sessions during your recovery period.  Oils and creams with a wonderful scent will make you feel wonderful.   Remember that your recovery period is all about treating yourself.  You deserve a smooth and peaceful and happy recovery.  And if you can also enjoy an amazing oceanview from your balcony, your spirit will be joyful after your plastic surgery in Mexico!

Nursing Recovery Support in Mexico

Staying in a Hotel or a Recovery Home ?

A Lymphatic Massage After My Surgery

Wearing a Compession Garment After Surgery


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