Have you ever thought about exchanging your breast implants ?  It is a fact that these devices that makes us look amazing, do not last forever.  Breast Implants procedure has always been one of the favorites for women that want to look sexy and attractive.  Since the last decade, natural looks are trending and regular size implants are on the rise.  Silicone implants are nowadays the best choice, instead of saline implants.  Here we will explore the reasons why you may have your implants removed or exchanged.

  • You want a change in size – This decision depends entirely on your wishes and expectations. Let’s have a look at some of the volume measurements in cc (cubic centimeters) of most Breast Implants:  250cc is a B-Cup and 365 is a C-Cup.   445cc is a D-Cup and 500cc is a DD-Cup.  It is important to consider that these measurements are approximate and do not apply to everyone.  Your Surgeon can recommend which size is the best for you. The idea is to provide you with full, rejuvenated and youthful breasts, along with a very natural look.
  • Infection caused by bacteria – When you experience breast pain, fever, redness or swelling, you need an immediate breast revision surgery.  The implants are to be removed and antibiotic therapy needs to be prescribed.  These kind of infections may occur around one month after implantation.  In most cases, the contamination may occur at the time of insertation.  This is why we stress the importance in your decision making process, of a certified Surgeon.  He/She needs to be high-skilled and with many successful surgeries under his/her belt.  And the hospital needs to rank among the threee best in the destination.
  • Silent Rupture –  This usually happens when your saline implants have a rupture and the solution leaks into the tissues.  But, you may not notice the rupture until two days later, when your breast automatically loose volume.  If this is the case, you need an immediate breast revision surgery.  On the other hand, When your silicon implant has a rupture, symptoms may present as changes in shape, breast lumps or capsular contracture.  The silicone will not spill.   We recommend a periodic MRI in order to detect any issues with your implants.
  • Visible Rippling – This happens when wrinkles and folds are visible on the skin.   Keep in mind that this is more common to occur with saline implants than with silicone ones.   It is also acknowledge that this condition appears when the implant is closer to the skin, instead of under the muscle.  On the other hand, this condition presents no risk or danger to your health.  If the rippling does not bother you, then no need of a breast revision surgery.  Otherwise, a brest implant exchange is the recommended choice.
  • Assymetric Appearance – High skilled Surgeons will educate you and tell you that there is always a pre-existing assymetry in our breasts.  And the Breast Implants procedure aims to correct it.  However, your breasts may end up appearing with a different size, sometime after the procedure has been performed.   When an implant looks like dropping lower on one side, you definitely need an assymetry correction.  It may be that your implants are very large, or another cause that needs to be addressed.
  • Capsular Contracture – A formation of a capsule (scar tissue surrounding any kind of implant) is normal in the healing process. However, a Capsular Contracture is a medical complication that causes implants to feel hard, look like rising up the chest, misshapen or appear tight.  This usually occurs when old scar tissue forms around the implants.  If this is the case, your Surgeon will recommend a Capsulectomy (Capsulotomy).  This procedure removes part of the capsule (tough scar tissue) to correct and restore, for the new implants to be inserted.

All You Need to Know About Breast Implants

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