Get a 25% Off – Make a Video Diary of your Surgery!

Get a 25% Off – Make a Video Diary of your Surgery! Are you the type of person that enjoy taking pics?  Do you like to take video to capture significant moments? Then this is for you.  No need to be a pro! You can just use your cell phone and make a video diary of every single moment of your cosmetic surgery journey. You will be starring in your adventure, from the moment you arrive, until you go back home.  Every moment counts! You are the storyteller, so get ready to start your video diary!

How To Make Your Video Diary

  1. Take selfies and pics of the people you meet in your journey.
  2. Show a big smile and make everyone smile!
  3. Take videoclips talking about where you are and what you are doing.
  4. Speak loud and clear in your videoclips. If you can add subtitles, that will be great.
  5. If you have a companion to help you with the shooting, introduce him/her.
  6. Your video diary will help other patients to have an idea of what medical travel is, so be as specific as you can
  7. Make sure all your material is good quality.
  8. Enjoy every step of the way! You are a silver screen star!

Terms & Conditions

  • Valid for all destinations
  • Valid for surgery with three or more procedures
  • You need to submit at least 50 pics and 20 videoclips.
  • If your material is not good quality or no sequencial, you will be disqualified.
  • If your material is good quality and shows a sequence (story board), you will be notified of your 25% reimbursement.
  • Video Diary Promotion starts June 27th, 2022 and ends on September 30th, 2022
  • Booking or $ 99 USD must be made before September 3oth, 2022
  • The remaining balance is due 30 days prior to your surgery date via Gorgeous Getaways
  • Surgery date can be scheduled until September 30th, 2023
  • You must have an approved firmquote before traveling
  • Open to all registered and/or community members.
  • Not applicable with other promotions

Request your Cosmetic Firmquote™

If you are planning to have your cosmetic surgery in the next couple of months, go ahead and request your firmquote: Click Here.   It will include your medical history and photos. We will forward your complete file to our surgeons who will come back with their feedback and a tailor-made quote for you.   We also invite you to check our Standard Price List in our website or download our App available for Android and Apple.  You can also join our New Community where you can chat with us about how to Get a 25% Off – Make a Video Diary of your Surgery.

Request your Dental Firmquote™

If you would like to combine your cosmetic surgery with dental treatments, you just need to fill in your medical history and upload your panoramic x-rays and photos.   In the next couple of days we will provide you with a taylor-made quote and the Surgeons feedback.  Go ahead and Click Here

Earn High Interest on Your Savings

Our Patients Savings Plan offers you an interest from 5% to 7% on your deposited savings towards any procedure in any of our preferred destinations!   And it also includes recovery homes and guest houses that are part of the program.  So if you do not have yet a destination in mind, or are still unsure of your surgery date, you can start earning interests from now on. Go ahead and fill your request: Click Here.

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