The Taqtik Health budgetary quote configuration tool allows customers to mix and match procedures, and destinations to see exactly how much their cosmetic surgery holiday will cost.

Medical tourism is largely run from websites. Cosmetic surgery consumers can choose from thousands of options world wide, and the medical tourism sector is only growing. Want to recover from your breast augmentation on a tropical island? No problem. Want to visit a booming city hot spot? Just one click away! It’s no wonder that consumers get confused with an over saturated market, and almost TOO many options.

GORGEOUS GETAWAYS understands the problem of information fatigue, and uses a tool that allows consumers to easily find out the coast of traveling for surgery. Using the Taqtik Marketplace you have access to hundreds of packages and procedures from all over the world.  You can customize your own package straight away, so that those gnawing questions of should I, could I can be put to rest. Client Service Manager Melanie McGregor is at the front end of customer service at GORGEOUS GETAWAYS, and explains exactly how easy it is to mix and match procedures and destinations, and get your quote for surgery now….

Mel explains the process

It’s really easy to get started, all you need to do is create your an account and then you can search through all of our amazing destinations, facilitators and of course all the wonderful procedures we have available for you!

Step one-create an account

To create your own personal account with us got to and create a log in. Provide your name, email address and a password then your account is set up. From here you can build as many quotes as you need.

creating quote

Step two-choosing procedure & destination

Now it’s time to decide where you would like to go and what you may like to have done. You can walk through this at your own pace, find a treatment that you are interested in and add it to your budgetary quote.When you are happy with what you have added to this, simply click on the ‘View Budgetary Quote’ button and what you have selected will be listed there ready for you to view.

choose your own quote 2

Step three- start your journey (or not!)

Once you have created your personalized quote, you can save it to view again later. You can remove and add procedures to compare, you can delete it, or leave it there for as long as you need to research and decide. You can easily chat to the vendors available on the Taqtik Marketplace, and once you have come to a decision the next step is to submit your quote. The customer care team are ready and available to help you move forward, and will send you your quote via email directly.

The Taqtik Marketplace and budgetary quote configuration tool allows customers to mix and match procedures and destinations to see exactly how much their cosmetic surgery holiday will cost. Cosmetic Surgery is a personal journey, and you are the only one who can decide to do it! The best place to start is online research on procedures,  surgeons and destinations. Traveling for surgery is a great alternative to expensive medical procedures at home, and patients especially like the ability to recover in a popular holiday destination. There’s no need to rush, and all the information you need is out there. The answers to your burning ‘what if’ and ‘how much’ questions are just a mouse click away!