Almost all women has at least once wondered how to get rid of cellulite.  The so called “orange peel skin” is many times present in the most slim body. And that can be confusing! Because the common belief is that cellulite apears due to a lack of excercise or overeating habits.  This is not the true.  Cellulite can be fat-based, water-based or a combination of both.  When this condition appears, it is because the excess water or fat are stuck in the dermal layers of the skin.  This is the reason why it cannot be processed and burned with regular diet or loads of excercise.

Types of Cellulite

  1. Fat-Based – This condition usually occurs because of excess fat, and it can be very well improved with regular diet.
  2. Water-Based  – It usually appears because of water-retaining cells.  Sitting for too long, and not drinking enough water causes poor blood circulation. This condition can be very well improved with regular excercise.
  3. Combination-Based – This is a mixture of water-retaining cells and excess fat.

Available Procedures & Treatments for Cellulite

  • Laser Lipolisis – This procedure is also known as Liposculpture. This technology uses heat to break down the tissue bands under the skin that cause the cellulite dimples. It basically melts the fat. Skin is tightened because of the induction of the collagen synthesis in the dermis. Very recommended.
  • Subcision – This is a non-invasive procedure known as Cellfina™ technique. It uses microblades to treat the tough connective bands under the skin causing cellulite.  It has also proven good results with wrinkles and scars. Recommended.
  • Radiofrequency – This is a non-invasive procedure which uses a very low electromagnetic frequency to produce skin tightening.  It has proven good results in 70-80% to treat cellulite.
  • Cryolipolysis – This is also known as cool sculpting, a non-invasive treatment that freezes the fat cells.  It has proven to reduce cellulite in a 60-70%.
  • Carboxytherapy – CO2 gas is inserted beneath the skin to treat cellulite.  These non-invasive treatment has proven to be effective in a 50-60%.

Can Liposuction & Fat Graft Get Rid of Cellulite ?

Traditional liposuction is not an effective method to get rid of cellulite.  And fat graft usually can only improve the appearance of the skin.

Does Anti-Cellulite Massages Work ?

They do work well when cellulite is water-based or combination-based.   However, they have not proven great results when cellulite is fat-based.

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