Choosing Your Cosmetic Surgery Destination

Each destination we offer has unique and very specific differences to cater for different needs and different budgets. The destination you choose depends on what surgery treatments you are having, the experience of the surgeon and your budget.

Whatever your needs and budget, we have the right cosmetic surgery vacation packages for you – all combining high quality, experience with affordable prices.


Malaysia is where Gorgeous Getaways started in 2000.  It tooks a few years to build our surgeons with Dr Nasir and Dr. Jalil operating in Prince Court Hospital, and Ampang Puteri Hospital. When both surgeons decided to transfer to Beverly Wilshire Medical Center in 2011, we helped transition to their new facility in beautiful Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.  Malaysia is still a very popular choice and offers experience, quality, care and value for your surgery holiday. This should be the choice for those considering multiple/combined surgery treatments, from an extremely experienced surgeon, medical team and hospital.

Most private hospitals in the country have internationally recognised quality standards MS ISO9002 or accreditation by the Malaysian Medical Society for Quality of Health (MSQH). All private medical centres must be approved and licensed by the Ministry of Health. The rising number of hospitals and dental clinics along with various medical courses offerings have enhanced country’s image as a preferred destination for health related treatments.

Cosmetic surgeons are highly qualified professionals with extensive qualifications from the UK, Australia and USA and are supported by well-trained English-speaking staff and state-of-the-art, private medical centres. Surgeons also need to be members of the Malaysian Association of Surgeons and the Malaysian Association of Plastic Surgeons.

The most popular surgeons in Malaysia for multiple procedures are Dr Jalil and Dr Nasir. The delicate work of these surgeons are the biggest draws for new and referral clients, making Malaysia a much preferred destination in the region.


Gorgeous Getaways started in Thailand in 2008.  First in Phuket with PPSI, and then expanding to Bangkok with various other partners. Touted as one of the world’s top medical tourism destinations, Thailand has long been accustomed to receiving foreign travelers. In the big cities, English is widely understood everywhere, especially in private medical facilities. Compared to the West, cosmetic surgery in this Land of Smiles equates to about a third or half of the cost of a flight ticket, food and accommodation and the procedure itself. The affordable prices combined with high levels of quality care in a country rich in culture, natural beauty and amazing food all combine to make Thailand the first choice for many seeking cosmetic procedures abroad. In fact, Thailand is one of the world’s preferred destinations for all types of treatment including cosmetic and dental procedures.

All Thai hospitals must be licensed by the Thailand Ministry of Health and Thai doctors must have medical licenses. Many are licensed by the medical associations of two or more countries, including the USA and Thailand has it’s own Medical Council which is the equivalent of the American Medical Association (AMA). Many Thai hospitals have already achieved the International Standards Organization’s ISO 9001:2000 accreditation. Leading hospitals have their own quality assurance department which regularly audits the health care facility and other related departments.
Our featured surgeons in Phuket, Thailand are Dr Sanguan, Dr Rushapol and Dr Veerawat of Phuket International Hospital. All 3 surgeons are highly skilled in facelifts, breast augmentations and tummy tucks alongside other popular procedures, with Dr Sanguan as our choice surgeon for multiple procedures.


Mexico is the 2nd most popular destination behind Thailand. Gorgeous Getaways started in Mexico in 2010.  First in Cancun, Mexico, and then expanding to many other states in Mexico.

Mexico is a popular destination for cosmetic surgery because it offers a variety of procedures at a lower cost than in many developed countries. The cost of living in Mexico is generally lower than in many developed countries, and this lower cost is often reflected in the cost of medical procedures. Additionally, many of the doctors and surgeons in Mexico are highly trained and have experience performing a wide range of cosmetic procedures.

Another reason that people choose Mexico as a destination for cosmetic surgery is the availability of medical facilities that are equipped with the latest technology and staffed by experienced professionals. Some of the clinics and hospitals in Mexico are accredited by international organizations and have met strict standards for patient safety and quality of care.

Lastly, Mexico is a popular tourist destination, and many people choose to combine their surgery with a vacation. This allows them to recover in a comfortable and pleasant setting, and also take advantage of the many cultural and recreational activities that Mexico has to offer.

It’s important to note that as with any medical procedure, it’s important to do your research and thoroughly vet the surgeon and facility you’re considering. It’s also important to consider the potential risks and complications of traveling abroad for surgery and the possibility of receiving inadequate or sub-standard care. Before making a decision, it’s important to consider all aspects of the decision, including your own health status, realistic expectations, and potential risks and complications.

Other Destinations

Since 2000, we have continued to look for great destinations that continue to offer cosmetic surgery vacation packages, high-quality, affordable pricing and great results.  You can view all partner here.