Before and After

Due to the volume of surgeons we work with this represents only a small amount of before and after cosmetic surgery of past clients, showing the most popular procedures:

  • Breast (augmentation, reduction)
  • Body (tummy tuck, liposuction)
  • Face (Facelift, eyelift, Rhinoplasty and facial contouring)

Due to privacy reasons, we cannot publish these photos of our clients to the public internet. For the latest surgeons before and after cosmetic surgery please ask your Destination manager or email [email protected] for password access. 

Please note – when reviewing the photos, please be aware that these are individual results only, and the results of plastic surgery differs greatly from person to person, depending on age, body build, skin tone, or if you are prone to scarring, bruising etc. Before embarking on any kind of plastic surgery procedure, you must have realistic expectations of what can be achieved.