The Science of Qi

Have you heard of The Science of Qi ? This is the new term used to define ZhiNeng QiGong.  This is a modality of QiGong pronounced Chi Kung.  It was developed by Master Dr. Pang Ming who is considered and declared a national treasure in China.  Dr. Ming inherited 19 ancient lineages of QiGong from which he created the one and only ZhiNeng QiGong method. He was the founder of the HuaXia Center in Beijing, China, known as the biggest medicine-less hospital in the world, which has treated 400,000+ patients with 180+ different diseases.

Dr. Pang Ming

Dr. Pang graduated in Western Alophatic Medicine, as well as in Chinese Traditional Medicine.  He had the opportunity to learn QiGong since early age from his grandmother.  By 1970 he reealized that medicine was still limited and that he needed to take a different approach.  He did not want just to quick fix the symptoms of the disease, but also to achieve a change in people’s minds and hearts, with the purpose of getting rid of illness for good. After loads of research, in 1981 he created the ZhiNeng QiGong method to cure and prevent illness.

Along the years he obtained scientific recognition and in 1988 stablished the Shijiazhuang Center.  Other centers followed, and in 1995 the great XuaXia Center opened its doors.  However, in 2001 it had to close due to new regulations of China Government, but that did not stop Dr. Pang’s legacy.  Plenty of his students are now ZhiNeng QiGong Masters and teach under his guidance all over the world, helping millions of people to cure their diseases. Dr. Pang is now retired and has written many books where you can find absolutely valuable knowledge.

The Benefits of ZhiNeng QiGong

ZhiNeng QiGong focus on the student and not on the illness.  The method does not see patients, but practitioners. The method is so simple that almost everyone can practice it as long as they can use their mind.  You can be standing up, sitting down or even laying down.  People with terminal diseases, lupus, artheriosclerosis, eczema, disabled, etc. are able to join the practices.   This is the reason why it has become so popular in the last two decades.  Majority of courses are on-site but there are also videoconference courses where you can learn perfectly well.  The system is designed for people to experience in less than 25 days, noticeable changes in your health.   Imagine what you can achieve with a constant practice, discipline and perseverance ! Anti-age benefits, energy, vitality, happiness, health, peace !

The Quantum Language

Have a look at this amazing video with Dr. Gregg Braden where a healing occurs in less than 3 minutes with the aid of ZhiNeng QiGong practitioners:


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Simply amazing, isn’t it ?

Wind-Disease: Traditional Chinese Medicine

The Power of Healing Hot Spring Waters in Turkey


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