Wind-Heat and Wind-Cold

Today we will talk about the approach that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has about the wind disease.  This does not mean an air or physical wind, but a state of dis-ease when the body is out of balance.  This can be related to burnout, poor eating habits, lack of sleep or other causes. TCM determines two types: wind-heat and wind-cold. Wind-heat is characterized by fever, running nose and a sore throat.  Does this sounds familiar ? On the other hand, Wind-cold is characterized by cold feet, chills, stiffness in the neck and sneezing.

Traditional Chinese Medicine and Dis-Ease

Unlike Western medicine, TCM states that our Wei Qi (our inmune system) is not as strong as we may think to attack external pathogens.  Wind is one of the six external factors of dis-ease and not only attacks the body, but also enters the meridians.  Zheng Qi (our true power) is known as the ability of the body to resist any pathogens, and according to TCM it is preserved in the kidneys and comes from consumed rice and water.  Interesting isn’t it ? Dis-ease normally disappears when Zheng Qi is stronger than Wei Qi and balance berween yang-yin is restored.

Wind Disease – Dispelling and Prevention

Traditional Chinese Medicine basically dispells wind disease using herbs, acupuncture and acupresion.   For this you will need a real professional in the science of qi.   There are various wind-dispelling techniques used to treat many illnesses.  And believe it or not,  prevention is always your best ally.  TCM recommends to not be exposed to windy areas and to wind after drinking wine. It makes you so dizzy ! Other recommendations include not to sleep outdoors at night, and to take care of any cracks where the wind can sneak into your house.

Allopathic Medicine vs TCM

Many of us have had before the experience when the Doctor is not sure of what illness you are suffering.  Or even worst, the Doctor does not have any clue, but still goes ahead and gives you a prescription with medicines that will do you no good.  And after 4-5 Doctors you really do not know what to do with a specific pain that you have in the arm.  Well, it may be a “wind” that attacked your body.  There has come a time when we need to be open to an Oriental and Holistic point of view.  You may be surprised to find the answers that you are looking for !

Later on we will talk more about how to imrprove qi deficiency, and much more.

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