Government Update

Updated 12 June, 2021. The Tourism Authority of Thailand has sent out a letter to people in the tourism industry saying that Phuket will open to vaccinated foreign tourists from 1 July. Travelers do not need to do quarantine but they must stay in Phuket for at least 14 days and will then be allowed to visit other destinations in Thailand.

Who can travel to Phuket from abroad?

  • Vaccinated foreign travelers from low and medium risk countries
  • Unvaccinated children under 6 years old traveling with vaccinated parents
  • Unvaccinated children between 6 years old and 18 years old (Rapid Antigen Test on arrival is required)

***Unvaccinated adult travelers will be required to undergo mandatory quarantine at any ALQ Hotels in Phuket for 14 days

Phuket SandBox Requirements

***Full vaccination at least 14 days prior to your departure to Thailand and not more than 12 months.

Important Things to Remember

  • You must stay in a SHA+ accredited hotel in Phuket only.
  • You must fly directly to Phuket from abroad.
  • If you are staying less than 14 days in Phuket, you must fly out of Phuket to an international destination.
  • If you are staying for 14 days or more in Phuket, you will then be able to travel to any domestic destination in Thailand.

All of this information may change as soon as the list of low and medium-risk countries eligible for the Phuket SandBox program and the list of accredited hotels will be released sometime in June 2021.

ASQ approved Hotel in Phuket

Here is a good link that summarizes current ASQ hotel options available in Phuket, Thailand. 

Flights to Phuket

At present, certain airlines are permitted to operate semi-commercial flights to Thailand. Airlines such as  British, Cathay, Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, THAI, and Singapore Airlines operate flights to Phuket on a daily basis.

COVID 19 Insurance

With the new wave of COVID-19 in Thailand, COVID-19 Insurance is a mandatory requirement for travelers. It acts as another level of security to ensure that you can cover all costs in case you are diagnosed with COVID-19 during your stay in Thailand. It covers you for a minimum of $100,000 policy and it must cover the duration of your stay in Thailand.

Check with your airlines or health insurance to see if you have health insurance coverage to avoid duplication.

Certificate of Entry (COE)

Certificate of Entry (COE) is a mandatory official document issued to Thai and Non-Thai nationals who are permitted to enter Thailand. It confirms that you meet the entry requirements as set by the Thai government and you are accepted to enter Thailand. The application website will be updated to include the Phuket SandBox model. This will be available in the coming weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will it be mandatory to stay in SHA+ hotels only? Can we stay in a friend’s house or our own condo?

No, you can only stay in SHA+ accommodation only for the first 14 nights.

Would other people be allowed to visit the traveler during the initial 14-night stay?

Yes, if that person is fully vaccinated or if that person comes from Bangkok, that person must follow Phuket entry requirements for domestic travelers.

If one wants to go out to a restaurant or a bar in the evening, do you need a guide?

No, you can move around Phuket freely. However, if you want to do other touristic activities, it is advisable to book it through an accredited SHA+ tour operator.

Do travelers still need to apply for the Certificate of Entry?

Yes, anybody traveling to Thailand is still required to obtain a Certificate of Entry (or visa applicable) from the Thai Embassy or Consulate. The application website will be updated to include the Phuket SandBox model. This will be available in the coming weeks.

Do travelers have to stay in the same SHA+ hotel for the full 14 days required on arrival or is it possible to move between several hotels?

Travelers can swap between hotels if they want to, but the hotel must be SHA+ accredited as well.

The COVID tests, will that be in the hotel or hospital?

It will be in your hotel.

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