Otoplasty is also known as Ear Surgery and its goal is to reshape your ears.    This procedure can correct any structural abnormality.  There are different types of Ear Surgery, depending on your needs.  Ear Surgery is performed on the auricle or the ear lobes. A high-skilled cosmetic surgeon is capable to correct the size, adjust the position, improve projection, or reshape your ears.   Otoplasty is meant to provide balance and harmony to the ears and the face, enhancing your looks.

Types of Otoplasty (Ear Surgery)

  • Ear Reduction – This procedure is suggested for people suffering from Macrotia (very large ears).   The goal of this surgery is to reduce the size of the outer ears.
  • Ear Pinning – This procedure is very popular and it is meant for people who have protruding ears which look too far from the head.  The goal is to draw the outer ears closer to the head.
  • Ear Augmentation – This procedure is suggested for people with very small ears.  The goal is to increase the size of the outer ears.
  • Ear Correction – These procedure is performed to reshape stretched or large ear lobes.  It is also common for ear lobes with wrinkles and large creases.
  • Earlobe Repair – This procedure is performed to ear lobes that may have been injured or present an abnormality.  The main goal is for people to enjoy wearing earrings without fearing that they will fall out.
  • Ear Surgery for Babies – This is recommended when babies are born with misshapen ears, large or protrudent. This may involve to reshape the cartilage around the ear.  This procedure is recommended when the baby has less than 3 weeks of age.  Considering that at 6-7 weeks their ear cartilage will harden.

Recovery Period

Your recovery will include to wear a headband around your head covering your ears 24/7 for 5-7 days.  Later on, you will just need to wear it at nights for about 6 weeks.   Many people have second thoughts about undergoing this surgery because during this period, you cannot sleep on your sides. Touching or rubbing your ears may have complications.  But, looking at the bright side, you will be able to return to work after 8-10 days of sugery, so it is worth it.  During your recovery period, you need to avoid sun, as well as smoking.

ASPS Ear Surgery Before & After Photos

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