Hyperbaric Oxigen Therapy (HBOT) is also known as hyperoxigenation.  It is administered inside a pressurized chamber in a controlled environment releasing pure oxygen (O2).  HBOT is successfully used to treat many medical conditions, such as gangrene, decompression sickness, carbon monixide poisoning, etc.   Pure oxygen also speeds healing of wounds, benefits bloods circulation and it has also proven to help with anemia.  And when you expose your body to a 100% Oxygen Therapy,  you reap the benefits of the anti-aging process.

Living in an Hypoxic Environment

Statistics indicate that the air we breath contains less than 21% of oxigen levels.  This environment with oxygen deficiency causes our bodies to send this little oxygen to just support our vitals functions.  In consequence, our bodies have no spare time to naturally rejuvenate by themselves.  This is the reason why the Anti-Aging Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy makes a difference.  It stimulates collagen which helps repairing skin damage, restores and rebuilds damaged cells.  And all this process promotes the process of a natural rejuvenation.

Does it Help to Increase Telomeres Lenght ?

As we grow old, our telomeres get shorter and shorther. This is the reason why Telomeres Lenght (TL) is a key factor of the anti-aging process.   Clinical trials have shown that repeated exposure to 100% oxygen, produce regeneration effects in individuals.  Believe it or not, the telomeres lenght increased after a 60-day exposure of HBOT.  We are used to see aging as a progressive loss of our mental and physical capacities.  But we can make a real change if we expose ourselves to a more healthier breathing environment.

How Many Sessions Do I Need ?

It all depends on your specific case.  The Specialist will evaluate your whole medical history to determine how many sessions you need.  While some patients will be fine with 10 sessions in a week, others may need up to 30 sessions in a month.

Is HBOT a Safe Procedure ?

Yes it is.  You will be guided through the process every step of the way.  And during the process, a technician will be there at all times controlling the process according to your specific case.

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