The Benefits of Regenerative Medicine

We all know that Regenerative Medicine is widely used to cure many ailments.  But, it is also widely used for minimally-invasive cosmetic purposes.  Regenerative therapies and procedures are becoming more popular every day because of their high rate of sucess.  Dr. Ocegueda and his Dream Team, are happy patients under their belt. So if you are looking for Sexual Enhancement, or PRP Facial Rejuvenation, or a Wellness Vacation taylor-made for you, this is the right place.  Or if you are eager to explore the benefits of the  IV cocktails, chelation or ozone therapies, then go ahead !

Dr. Victor Ocegueda

Dr. Victor Ocegueda graduated from Medical School at the Autonomus University of Nayarit.  Later on, he obtained his Master’s Degree in Medical and Surgical Emergencies in the Autonomus University of Guadalajara.   He then developed his passion for regenerative medicine and completed his certification in Hyperbaric Medicine.  This achievement granted him a research position in Vaccum-Assisted Management of Chronic Non-Healing Wounds. Years later, Dr. Ocegueda got certified by the University of Texas in Regenerative Orthopedics.  He is also certified on Regenerative Therapies for Chronic Diseases and Injury Management, Ozone Therapy, Intradermal PRP (Platelet Rich Plasma, and Chemical Peeling.

Dr. Hector Cantú

Dr. Hector Cantú is graduated as Medical Surgeon at Monterrey Autonomus University.  Later on, he got his master as Aesthetic, Plastic and Reconstructive Surgeon at Mexico City Autonomus University.  Dr. Cantú specialized in body contour techniques and Hyperbaric Medicine at Hospital Angeles Pedregal, known as one of the best hospitals in Mexico.

Dr. Maria del Carmen Mora

Dr. María del Carmen Mora is graduated as Medical Surgeon at Guadalajara Autonomus University.  She is certified as Specialist in Radiodiagnosis and Image. Dr. Mora has many other certifications including General Radiology, High Specialty Ultrasound, and Breast Diseases.

Dr. Carlos Alberto Parga

Dr. Carlos Alberto Parga is graduated as Medical Surgeon and Obstetrician at Guadalajara Autonomus University and Obstetrician.  He is specialized in Neurosurgery, and Certified by the Mexican Board of Neurological Surgery. He is also member of AMEVASC – Mexican Association for Cerebral Vascular Disease, Spinal Surgery, Neuroendoscopy, Neurosurgery and Neurology.

Sexual Enhancement Treatments in the Mexican Pacific

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