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2023 Cancun, Mexico Unbeatable – New Years Promotion

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2023 Cancun, Mexico Unbeatable - New Years Promotion Cancun is exotic, exciting, and beautiful, but above all, it is a magical spot in the Mayan world.  From hostels for backpackers to 6-star hotels for the most demanding travelers, Cancun is accessible to everyone.   Its turquoise-water and powder-sand beaches, theme parks, shopping malls, and restaurants

End of Year Mexico Special: Book Now and Get $500 Cash Back

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End of Year Mexico Special: Book Now and Get $500 Cash Back!  Winter Holidays are around the corner and Mexico is one of the favorite destinations to spend an exciting cosmetic journey.   This special is valid for all plastic surgery  procedures in all our destinations, and the recovery home in Guadalajara.  If you are looking

Meet Patrizia (Paty) – Destination Manager for America & Europe

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Meet Patrizia (Paty) your Destination Manager for Mexico, Dominican Republic, Spain, Turkey and Dubai. If you are interested in any of these destinations, she will be more than happy to help you planning your dream surgery since the very beginning. Fluent in English and Spanish, Paty seamlessly delivers the perfect experience that meets and

Morri’s Cosmetic Journey in Guadalajara, Mexico

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Click Here to Get Your 10% Off !!   Offer valid from May 1st - 31st, 2022 - All Destinations & All Procedures !!!   Morri's Cosmetic Journey in Guadalajara, Mexico was perfect. She was looking for an amazing surgeon who could remove her keloid scars from previous surgeries.  And right after her complimentary teleconsultation with

Kareem’s Gorgeous Getaway in Guadalajara Mexico

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Kareem's Gorgeous Getaway in Guadalajara, Mexico was a success. Ae is a very cool person and contacted us because ae was very interested in having feminization surgery with Dr. Ruben Agredano.   Kareem was looking for a magnificent surgeon and specialized in these type of procedures to perform aer surgery. And all aer dreams came true! 

Mexico Lifts Pandemic Status – Virus is Endemic

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As of May 1st, 2022, Mexico lifts pandemic status and declares the virus is endemic.  When a disease is considered as pandemic, it means that it is not predictable, therefore non-manageable.   For more than two years, Mexico moved from lockdown into an epidemiological warning system.   There were different colors to alert the population about the

Rescheduling Your Cosmetic Surgery in Mexico

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Rescheduling your cosmetic surgery in Mexico is very easy.  Sometimes, there are major reasons to postpone your dream surgery. If you already booked your date and secured your price, you can reschedule within the next six-nine months!  There will be no penalty fees if you reschedule before your surgery date.  However, if you decide not


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