Are Mommy Make-Overs Safe Surgeries? This is a good question !  The answer is yes.  However, there are many Surgeons that during pandemic times decide not to do it.   They insist that it is forbidden to spend many hours in the OR because of safety issues and covid19 health protocols.   On the other hand, Mommy Make-Over is a legendary procedure all over the world.  So what to do ? Many women continue travelling abroad to get it done at an affordable price.  So let’s analyze if this surgery is safe and if it can be performed despite the pandemic.

Patient Safety First

Nowadays, we have plenty of magnificent young cosmetic surgeons performing all types of procedures.  But, this does not mean that they are experienced and have 1000+ under their belt.   The less high skilled and less experienced the surgeon, most likely will go against performing a long procedure in the OR.  Patient safety first is their motto and they want to avoid any possible risk.   Who can blame them ?  They are following a safe protocol, but that does not mean that performing a long procedure during the pandemic is forbidden.

Mommy Make-Over is a Safe Procedure

We have asked our three most experienced cosmetic surgeons the reason why this rumor of “not a safety procedure” has been spreading.  They all concur that the pandemic has nothing to do with elective procedures.  And the time spent in the OR is not a risk factor.   Therefore, any procedure is safe, including Mommy-Makeover.  This is the reason why we stress the importance of choosing a high-skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon.  You deserve to be in the very best of hands every step of the way.

Can I Be At Risk At Some Point ?

Keep in mind that you need to undergo laboratory tests and EKG to be approved for cosmetic surgery.  If the surgeon notices something that can put you at risk, he/she will let you know.  Most of the times, they will prescribe some medication for you to be ready for surgery.  But it can happen that you are not approved for surgery.  So do not get upset if this happens.   You will get your reimbursement minus expenses.  Your safety will always be a priority, and that is why you need to be in the right hands.

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