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Body Positivity and Plastic Surgery

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Have you heard about Body Positivity, and how it relates to Plastic Surgery?  The Body Positivity Social Movement aims to improve self confidence, and to build a positive body image. It challenges the ideals of physical beauty as determined by society.  So Body Positivity is all about feeling confortable and beautiful in your own skin,

Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty, Glow, Charisma

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Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty, Glow, Charisma. There it seems a little bit of confusion when people think of beauty, glow and charisma.  Basically, most people think they are quite the same thing, but actually they are very different concepts.   Cosmetic Surgery is all about beauty and enhancing your looks.  And that certainly can add glow and

Are Mommy Make-Overs Safe Surgeries?

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Are Mommy Make-Overs Safe Surgeries? This is a good question !  The answer is yes.  However, there are many Surgeons that during pandemic times decide not to do it.   They insist that it is forbidden to spend many hours in the OR because of safety issues and covid19 health protocols.   On the other hand, Mommy

Can I Die During Cosmetic Surgery?

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Can I Die During Cosmetic Surgery? This is a mind blowing question.  Why would you die getting cosmetic surgery ?  It is indeed an unfortunate fact that there are many reported deaths of people during and after cosmetic surgery.   Some destinations like Miami and Dominican Republic, have plenty of publicity about this fatalities.  And on

Do I Need A Revision Surgery?

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Do I Need A Revision Surgery? Evaluating your cosmetic surgery results is of utmost importance.  Cosmetic surgery is not a one-minute process and it will take some time for you to see the real results.  This is the reason why you are responsible for evaluating your own process.  Your Cosmetic Surgeon will certainly walk you


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