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Paty is based in Cancun, MX. Originally from Mexico City, she has worked for the best hotel chains in the Mexico Pacific and the Caribbean. Later on, she spent many years traveling across America and Europe while working on board international cruise ships as an Officer in charge of the passenger’s experience. As your Destination Manager, her job is to ensure that your medical journey is exciting and memorable by providing you with the best options of surgeons, hospitals, and affordable pricing. Please feel free to contact her directly at [email protected]

Destination: Santiago, Dominican Republic

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Santiago de los Caballeros is known as the first Santiago in América since its settlement in 1495.  But nowadays, it is called "Ciudad Corazón" (Heart City) meaning its location in the center of the stunning Cibao Valley.  What you will find in Santiago is a cosmopolitan atmosphere, a thriving city with a wonderful Spanish heritage. 

Get Rid of Under-Eye Circles/Bags

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Under-EyeDark Circles Under-Eye dark circles are something that many women are concerned about.  They make you look exhausted, sad and older than your age.  And the question is why are they there ?  It is a fact that lack of sleep, sun exposure, long hours in front of the PC, or lack of an adequate

Cosmetic Surgery is Not About Vanity

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We are now in the 21st century, but many of us are still judgmental about people undergoing cosmetic surgery.  We all have heard phrases like "They are just frivol people driven by vanity" or "They are just empty people wanting to feel better about themselves" among many others.  So it seems to be ok to

Cancun, MX is Declared a Low-Risk Zone !!

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As of today, October 11th, 2021, the state of Quintana Roo has been declared a "low-risk zone" !!  Since its opening on June, 2020, it changed the marker from orange to yellow, back and forth many times.   But finally, the downgrade to green marker has been granted.  Cancunn, MX is expecting thousands of tourists for

Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty, Glow, Charisma

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There it seems a little bit of confusion when people think of beauty, glow and charisma.  Basically, most people think they are quite the same thing, but actually they are very different concepts.   Cosmetic Surgery is all about beauty and enhancing your looks.  And that certainly can add glow and charisma to your personality, but

Meet The Dream Team at Ruby Recovery Home

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We have already talked about the Benefits of Staying in a Recovery Home, and now we would like you to meet the Dream Team of Ruby Recovery Home in Guadalajara, MX.   All our patients that have decided to stay with them, are really happy with the excellent service, delicious food and superb care of all

All About Accommodations in Cancun, MX

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Years ago we used to have packages available including accommodations.  However, the prices that we were offering were too high compared with the amazing deals that you can find on the internet.   When you look for airfare + accommodations, you find really affordable pricing, which makes it easier for you.  There are hundreds of choices

Why Booking With Gorgeous Getaways ?

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Many times I have been asked what happens if you as a client contact directly our Surgeons.  And that is a good question.   You may think that going direct will make you get a better pricing, better service, or both.  However, you may encounter some issues such as language barriers, busy Surgeons, and your emails

Book With Only 10% Deposit in Mexico !

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Take advantage of this exclusive during the months of October, November and December 2021.   For Mexico bookings we usually require a 15% deposit, and now you can book with just 10%.  Isn't that great ? Remember that booking your surgery means to secure your price as well as your space at the hospital.   As you

Are Mommy Make-Overs Safe Surgeries ?

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This is a good question !  The answer is yes.  However, there are many Surgeons that during pandemic times decide not to do it.   They insist that it is forbidden to spend many hours in the OR because of safety issues and covid19 health protocols.   On the other hand, Mommy Make-Over is a legendary procedure

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