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About Patrizia Barrueco

Paty is based in Cancun, MX. Originally from Mexico City, she has worked for the best hotel chains in the Mexico Pacific and the Caribbean. Years later, she spent many years traveling across America and Europe while working on board international cruise ships as an Officer in charge of the passenger’s experience. As your Destination Manager, her job is to ensure that your medical journey is exciting and memorable by providing you with the best options of surgeons, hospitals, and affordable pricing. Please feel free to contact her directly at [email protected]

Join Our New Gorgeous Community !!!

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Old GG Community Available Until the End of June, 2021. We are very excited to share with you our new New Gorgeous Getaways Community.  Here you will have access to the latest news, blogs and much more information.  Do you want to check the standard pricing ? You can also do that ! Here is

What If My Surgeon Has Bad Reviews ?

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This is a great discussion topic.  There are many groups on social media taking about being botched here and there.  And they go on and on about horror stories about many surgeons.  The question is: Should you believe in these stories ?  Are they reliable people ?  Do they have real social media profiles ?

The Purpose of Your Medical History

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An Accurate Assessment of Your Case It has happened many times that patients keep things from their Surgeon.   At the beginning, your medical history is the only way they have to know you better.  Surgeons need to assess if you are a good candidate for surgery.  Your safety is their priority.  We cannot stress the

Why Would I Need Two Sessions in the OR ?

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This is a very good question.  It happens all the time that patients want to have their face and body done in a single session.  But, sometimes, the surgeon recommends to do it in two sessions.  One session in the operating room for the face, and another one for the body.   This means that you

More About Our Services in Mexico

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Mexico is known as the land of contrasts. People have a general idea of this astonishing country.  But, they are not certain about its culture, its heritage and its customs.  It is a completely different world the "White City" of Mérida, than Los Cabos, for example.   While some destinations still keep the  "province" atmosphere, others

Phuket opens its doors on July 1st, 2021

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Thailand is on the countdown ! Phuket  opens for vaccinated travelers on July 1st, 2021. There will be no quarantine requirements, said Yuthasak Supasorn, TAT Governor.  This is a pilot scheme announced before called Phuket Sandbox.  Direct flights will be received in Phuket from low & medium-risk countries list.   The countries included in this list

Destinations Open for Vaccinated Travelers

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Many countries are opening its doors for vaccinated travelers.  This means that they will be allowed to skip antigen and PCR testing, as well as quarantine requirements.   In the next weeks, more destinations in the European Union and Schengen Nations are expected to join the list. Keep in mind there may be exemptions for high-middle

Is It True That Cancun is into Lockdown ?

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Cancun is at 50% Capacity There has been a lot of rumors lately about this amazing destination.  It seems that missinformation campaigns have plagued the internet for more than three weeks.   However, there is not more informed source on this matter than I am.  I have lived in Cancun, MX for many years now.  So

Turkey Drops PCR Testing for 16 Destinations

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Turkey has always been one of the most friendliest countries in the world.   And during the pandemic they have become one of the most popular among international travelers.  As per entry requirements, you will need to present proof of negative PCR Test done within 72 hours prior to arrival. Are There Any Travel Restrictions ?

Spain opens its doors on June 07th, 2021

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All Countries Spain is ready to receive vaccinated travelers on June 07th, 2021.  Prime Minister, Pedro Sánchez confirmed the wonderful news.  And the best of it, is that all countries are welcome to visit this incredible country !   You just need to present proof of Vaccination completed at least 14 days before arrival. European Union-Safe

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