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Paty is based in Cancun, MX. Originally from Mexico City, she has worked for the best hotel chains in the Mexico Pacific and the Caribbean. Later on, she spent years traveling across America and Europe while working on board international cruise ships as an Officer in charge of the passenger’s experience. As your Destination Manager, her job is to ensure that your medical journey is exciting and memorable by providing you with the best options of surgeons, hospitals, and affordable pricing. She will guide you every step when planning your gorgeous getaway, and lead you to a very happy and successful cosmetic journey. You can contact her directly if you like at [email protected]

Mayaland Plastic Surgery Clinic – Cancun, Mexico

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Mayaland Plastic Surgery Clinic Mayaland Plastic Surgery Clinic is a cosmetic surgery clinic located in Cancun. It offers a variety of plastic surgery procedures, including but not limited to: breast augmentation, tummy tucks, liposuction, facelifts, and rhinoplasty. Plastic Surgeon Dr Velasco operates out of Azura Hospital (primary) and Mayaland Plastic Surgery Clinic (secondary). Latest Surgical

Bariatric Surgery & Remote Monitoring: The Paradigm Shift

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Bariatric Surgery & Remote Monitoring: The Paradigm Shift.  It is a reality that plenty of people in the world suffer from obesity despite their efforts of losing weight.  There are many options promoting immediate weight loss, from keto diets, to yoga exercises, and extreme exercise routines. However, sometimes they do not work at all.  This

End of Year Mexico Special: Book Now and Get $500 Cash Back

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End of Year Mexico Special: Book Now and Get $500 Cash Back!  Winter Holidays are around the corner and Mexico is one of the favorite destinations to spend an exciting cosmetic journey.   This special is valid for all plastic surgery  procedures in all our destinations, and the recovery home in Guadalajara.  If you are looking

Meet Rachel, Your VP of Client Services

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Meet Rachel, Your VP of Client Services! Most certainly you will be hearing from her as soon as you make your inquiry. She is totally dedicated to addressing your questions, needs, and expectations of your dream surgery.  We encourage you to book a consultation with her so you get to meet her.   Rachel will definitely

Why Istanbul is the best choice for Your Plastic Surgery?

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Why Istanbul is the best choice for Your Plastic Surgery? First of all, because they welcome travelers from around the world, regardless their nationality or vaccination status. Turkey - Entry Requirements As per April 26, 2022, the mask mandate is required only for indoors in transportation vehicles as well as healthcare institutions. Unvaccinated Travelers from

Why Cancun is the Best Choice for Your Dream Surgery?

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Why Cancun is the Best Choice for Your Dream Surgery? There are many reasons why Cancun has become the #1 Destination in Mexico.  The favorite spot of North Americans and travelers around the world has predicted +35 million visitors by the end of 2022.   The high season from December 2022 to April 2023 predicts +9

Meet Dr. Ali Can Gunenc in Istanbul, Turkey

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Meet Dr. Ali Can Gunenc in Istanbul Turkey.  He is a high skilled Aesthetic, Reconstructive and Plastic Surgeon, with plenty of experience and happy patients under his belt. He works at VM Medical Park Florya Hospital located in the amazing Istanbul. Medical Park Hospitals are the flagship of MLP Care Healthcare, which is Turkey’s largest private

About our Free Wearable Monitoring Device

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Our Free Wearable Monitoring Device is a Next-Gen integral part of our post care support.   It is specially designed for remote patients and/or international travelers which residency is far from their Surgeons and Hospitals.   The device resembles a confortable watch, which you can wear during the day and at nights.  It monitors your biometrics  before

The Panacee Wellness Centers in Thailand

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The Panacee Wellness Centers in Thailand, Germany and China There is a great difference between conventional medicine and holistic treatments.  If you are looking for an in-depth healthcare science which targets the cause of disease instead of the symptoms, the Panacee Wellness Centers are the right fit for you.  And if you would like a


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