As you know, Mexico has become the prime destination for travelers. And with no entry restrictions, turquoise waters and white-powder sand beaches, the Caribbean has remained as the # 1 Destination in Latin-America. In order to guarantee the safety of all visitors, the National Guard has created the “Tourist Battalion”. To clarify, an army of 1,445+ will be protecting the Cancun corridor, along with the Mayan Riviera and Tulum. Therefore, its goal will be to provide security 24/7 without even being noticed.

The Tourist Battalion

The Tourist Protection Battalion will be deployed on December 1st, 2021.  It will count with Army and Navy soldiers who will be based nearby Cancun.  Their main duty is to protect residents, tourists and hospitality businesses.  Above all, this means that the Mexican Caribbean will safer than ever before.  Winter season is expected to have a 94% occupancy by travelers from around the world.   Imagine that the biggest count of flights arriving in Cancun was  last Saturday with 500+ flights and 90,000+ passengers !!

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