Meet Dr. Carlos Duran in Madrid, Spain

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Dr. Carlos Durán Dr. Durán is the Head of the General and Digestive Surgery Services at Quirónsalud La Luz Hospital in Madrid, Spain. He is also Head of the Obesity and Metabolic Diseases Surgery Unit. With more than 22 years of experience in laparoscopic obesity surgery, he has performed more than 800 interventions with a

Louis’ Incredible Journey in Los Cabos, MX

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Louis' Journey from UK Louis' journey started when his Mom Karen, contacted me regarding a specific procedure that his son needed.  She said that no Surgeon wanted to accept his case.  And they have already looked for a Specialist in many countries.   So they decided to take the chance and try Los Cabos, MX.  Even

Meet Dr. Humberto Solís in Los Cabos, MX

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Dr. Humberto Solís is an amazing Bariatric Surgeon located in Los Cabos, MX.  He he has an impressive career specialized in Weight Loss, Gastroenterology and Advanced General Surgeries.  Dr. Solís graduated in Medicine at the Guadalajara Autonomus University.  Years later, he obtained various certifications in Bariatric Nutrition, Minimal Invasion Bariatric Surgery, and Bariatric Metabolic Surgery. 

Meet Dr. Sergio del Hoyo in Puerto Vallarta, MX

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How Does Weight Loss Surgery Works ? Weight Loss Surgery lowers the risks of medical issues associated with obesity.  It contributes to weight loss in two different ways: Restriction - Surgery limits the amount of food the stomach can hold.  This automatically limits the number of calories you can eat. Malabsorption - Surgery shortens or bypasses

Our Services in Mexico and Dominican Republic

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Today we are sharing an overview of our services in Mexico and Dominican Republic.  They have no entry requirements, and no mandatory quarantine.  There is no discrimination between vaccinated or non-vaccinated people.   Both countries are stamped by the WTTC as "Safe Travels".   This stamp guarantees that destinations, hotels, tour operators, etc. follow to the letter

Do Weight Loss Surgeries Really Work ?

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The Paradigm Shift We have been told for many years that obesity can be controlled with diet and excercise.  But, is this true ?  Why are there so many people that despite extreme excercise, yoga classes and keto diets, do not achieve their purpose ? We need a paradigm shift.  Weight Loss Surgery is not

Cristhine Weight Loss Journey in Los Cabos, MX

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Cosmetic Surgery vs. Weight Loss Surgery Christine is a wonderful woman.  She reached to us because of her interest in cosmetic surgery.  However, she needed to loose some weight before she was the ideal candidate for her procedures. So I recommended Weight Loss Surgery instead.   This type of surgery saves you all the extreme diets

Tired of Overweight ? Win the War with Weight Loss Surgery

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Winning the War Against Overweight/Obesity It is a fact that obesity is a medical condition that needs to be properly addressed.  However, there is no reason for you to continue with many diets and exhausting excercises.   If all these have not worked in the past, then you can give it a shot to Weight

Weight Loss Surgery in the Mexican Pacific !

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The Body Mass Index (BMI) Factor First of all we need to stablish if you need Weight Loss Surgery. When your BMI is higher than 31, it means that you are a good candidate.   Keep in mind that  to be a good candidate for Cosmetic Surgery you need a BMI of 27-30. This is

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