Destination: Mérida, Mexico

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The beautiful city of Mérida is also called as "La Ciudad Blanca" (White City).  This is because of the white limestone used in buildings, and their popular white clothing called "Guayaberas".  The White City was founded on the 16th century by Francisco de Montejo aka "El Mozo" right where the Mayan city of T'ho (five

Hair Restoration in Mérida, Mexico

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Hair Restoration in Mérida, Mexico treats cases of androgenetic baldness.  This means baldness because of hereditary reasons.  It is a popular procedure that takes only a couple of hours, and it is available for women and men! Long entries in your forehead can make you look much older than you are.  Or if you have

All About Textured Breast Implants

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Textured breast implants were very popular at some point. But unfortunately, this type of implants started to be associated to fatal cancer risk. Many cases were documented with a condition called breast implant-associated anaplastic large cell lymphoma (BIA-ALCL). All of those with textured breast implants.  However, there were many women that never developed any medical

Our Patient Testimonials in Mexico

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Plastic Surgery & Weight Loss in Mexico Years before, you could find plenty of top healthcare services for international visitors traveling around the world. Exotic destinations in Asia were pretty famous offering amazing prices. From plastic surgery and weight loss procedures, to non-invasive treatments, you could find great deals.  But unfortunately, the new normal changed

Mesmerizing Eyes: Eyelid Surgery and Brow Lift

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Do you believe that the eyes are the windows of your soul ? Most people do!  And somehow, there is a kind of wisdom behind these thoughts.  The first impression you get from a person is from their eyes. They cause you a very last impression, whether you notice it or not.  Sweet eyes may

Recovery After Your Plastic Surgery in Mexico

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Recovery After Your Plastic Surgery in Mexico Recovering from your dream surgery abroad is easy when you are well prepared for the days ahead.  Your recovery period may vary from one to two weeks, depending on your specific surgery.  For 1-2 procedures you may need an 8-day stay, and for 3-4 procedures you may need

Choosing The Right Plastic Surgeon in Mexico

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A Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Mexico Choosing the right board certified plastic surgeon in Mexico is not easy.  It is a task that it can take many months. This is the reason why we are a good resource.  We have made an extensive research of all our plastic surgeons. All of them are certified

Nursing Recovery Support in Mexico

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This is a very good question that I have been asked many times about all inclusive plastic surgery in Mexico. Having surgery abroad may have you wonder about the need of some sort of support.  You may also wonder how are you going to get a shower or change your compression garments.   It always depends

Trending Procedures, Destinations & Surgeons

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2021 was a complicated year, maybe much more than 2020.   However, 2022 brings us a new beginning, a clean slate.  While many people are still living in fear because of the horrific everyday news,  some others are still 100% positive about the future.  And so are you and us in Gorgeous Getaways.    We have

Intimate Surgery II: What is Vaginoplasty ?

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Vaginoplasty, also known as Posterior Colporrhaphy, aims to tighten up the vagina, repair and reconstruct it.  Therefore, it improves function and appearance.  If your tampon falls out, then this may be the right procedure for you.  This type of surgery focus on bringing the muscles together, stretching the vaginal tissues that have become loose due


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