Our Patient Testimonials in Mexico

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Plastic Surgery & Weight Loss in Mexico Years before, you could find plenty of top healthcare services for international visitors traveling around the world. Exotic destinations in Asia were pretty famous offering amazing prices. From plastic surgery and weight loss procedures, to non-invasive treatments, you could find great deals.  But unfortunately, the new normal changed

Trending Procedures, Destinations & Surgeons

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2021 was a complicated year, maybe much more than 2020.   However, 2022 brings us a new beginning, a clean slate.  While many people are still living in fear because of the horrific everyday news,  some others are still 100% positive about the future.  And so are you and us in Gorgeous Getaways.    We have

30-Day Visitors Permit to Stay in Mexico

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If you are an experienced traveler with many visits to Mexico, you are aware of the 180-day permit to stay in the country.  However, now some permits are being granted for a 30-day stay or less.  This has been shocking for many foreigners that are arriving with the intention of moving into the country. Mexican

Christmas Promo in Beautiful Mexico !!!

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Are you ready to make your dreams come true ? If so, we encourage you to take advantage of our last promo of 2021!  Go for cosmetic and/or weight loss surgery in one of our most popular destinations!  Mexico has no travel restrictions nor vaccine passport required.  Citizens from around the world are welcome.  So

Puerto Vallarta, MX For Your Cosmetic Surgery

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Book As Fast As You Can Winter is right next to the corner and loads of medical travelers are ready to make their dreams come true. Christmas and New Year's surgery dates are almost fully booked in all our destinations !  So we encourage you to book as fast as you can to avoid waiting

Destination: Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

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Puerto Vallarta is worldwide known as the legendary destination full of romance and breathtaking sunsets.  Definitely one of the favorite spots in the Mexican Pacific for those who enjoy a port-town atmosphere.  You can find exotic vegetation along with high mountains overlooking the Pacific Ocean ! Its warm weather, the cobblestone streets, and the afternoon

Destinations Without Travel Restrictions

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Winter is coming for northern countries.  So if you are looking forward to a worry-free cosmetic holiday, you must take advantage of their super relaxed entry requirements of Mexico and Dominican Republic.  These amazing countries along with Costa Rica, are very flexible.  While the rest of the world has been devastated by border closures, curfews,

Destination: Los Cabos, Mexico

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Los Cabos has always been a favorite destination for travelers from around the world.  Basically divided into San José del Cabo and Cabo San Lucas, it has much more to offer.  You have the tourist corridor among these two ports, as well as El Arco, Cabo Pulmo and Todos Santos.  There are plenty of beaches,

Destination: Istanbul, Turkey

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You are maybe wondering what is that so special about Istanbul.  Well, to start with, it is one of the oldest cities of the world, and nowadays is the historic, cultural and economic metropolis of Turkey. It is the only transcontinental city in the world. where you can decide as whether to visit its European

Book With Only 10% Deposit in Mexico!

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Take advantage of this exclusive offer during the months of October, November and December 2021.   For Mexico bookings we usually require a 15% deposit, and now you can book with just 10%.  Isn't that great? Remember that booking your surgery means to secure your price as well as your space at the hospital.   As you


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