The Heart of the Caribbean

This amazing destination is also known as the “Heart of the Mexican Caribbean”.  It was 50+ years ago since it started to be popular for its natural attractions, archaeological sites, white-powder sand and turquoise waters.  Nowadays, you can also enjoy diving and sport fishing, as well as the wonderful theme parks and museums. And for the yacht lovers, there are docks all alongside the Nichupté lagoon, where you have passage to delicious seafood restaurants, spectacular shopping malls, golf courses, and swimming with the dolphins!

Highlight Points

There are three things that you must do while in Cancun.  The first one is to visit the Delfines Beach Viewpoint.  You definitely want a picture with the most spectacular view of paradise!  The second one is to visit the cenotes.  In these mystic spots you will be able to snorkel, dive or just relax by its calm waters.  And the third one is the Great Wheel located in La Isla Shopping Village.   You will definitely enjoy the ride, day or night! The dreamlike scenario of Cancun from the top is simply fantastic. So get ready for your cosmetic surgery in Cancun!

Mayan Archaeological Sites

If you are into the Ancient Mayan Civilization, then you cannot possibly miss these 4 sites located right in Cancun:

  • El Rey located in km. 18 Hotel Zone
  • San Miguelito located in km. 16.5 Hotel Zone
  • Yamil Lu’um located in km. 12 Hotel Zone
  • El Meco located in km. 2.7 Costa Mujeres

Underwater Museum of Art (MUSA)

MUSA is one of the newest and innovative attractions located in the National Marine Park.  Its 500+ sculptures installed on the seabed are worth to admire.  They are distributed in 3 main galleries:

  • Manchones Gallery in Isla Mujeres  – Sculptures are 8 mts / 26 ft. deep
  • Punta Nizuc Gallery in Cancun – Sculptures are 4 mts / 13 ft. deep
  • Punta Sam Gallery in Cancun Sculptures are 4 mts / 13 ft. deep

Hotels & Restaurants

From all inclusive resorts in the hotel zone, cozy hotels in downtown, or hostels for the most intrepid travelers, you will definitely find the accommodations that suit your needs.   As for the restaurants, there is a variety of exotic fusion of flavors that even the most demanding clients will be impressed.  And if you are a senses lover, then you will definitely enjoy the gastronomic experience in any of the legendary restaurants with 30+ years receiving clients from all over the world, such as:

  • Argentinian: Puerto Madero, Cambalache
  • Chinese Cuisine: Hong Kong
  • Greek Cuisine: Ilios
  • French Cuisine: Du Mexique, L’Escargot
  • Indian Cuisine: Taste of India
  • Italian Cuisine: Locanda Paolo, Cenacolo
  • Japanese Cuisine: Yamamoto, Irori
  • Mayan Cuisine: La Habichuela
  • Mediterranean Cuisine: Fantino
  • Mexican Cuisine: La Destileria, Porfirio’s
  • Seafood Cuisine: Lorenzillo’s, Fred’s House
  • Thai Cuisine: Thai Lounge
  • Steak House: The Club Grill, Harry’s

Your Cosmetic Journey

Besides of all that Cancun has to offer, there are also world-class hospitals and magnificent cosmetic surgeons.  No wonder why Cancun has become the # 1 Destination for medical travelers in Latin-America.  The ideal trip is for you to arrive a few days before your surgery and enjoy this paradise.  Then you can have your procedures done and enjoy a smooth recovery sitting at your terrace admiring the Caribbean waters.  Whatever you decide, you will be pleased in this Mayan territory. And I can tell you that after 30 years of living this dream!


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Meet Dr. Nain Maldonado in Cancun, MX

Meet Dr. Mark Shtern in Cancun, MX


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