Have you ever meet any “Tapatios “?  That is how Guadalajara people are usually called.  They are worldwide known for four things:

  1. The Jarabe Tapatio – the famous folklore dance
  2. The Charreadas – the Mexican Rodeo
  3. The Mariachi amazing songs
  4. And Tequila! Which is the best drink ever!

Guadalajara is the second largest city in Mexico, but nevertheless, it has kept its traditions intact.  With delicious food and the perfect weather, it also features romantic Puerto Vallarta close by. So you can combine the city and the beach and enjoy an exciting and memorable cosmetic journey!

Top Attractions

Full with diversity and culture, Guadalajara offers you plenty of options.  These are the “Do Not Miss” attractions in this European stylish city:

  • Instituto Cultural Cabañas (World-Heritage)
  • Teatro Degollado
  • Jose Clemente Orozco’s Frescos & The Government’s Palace
  • Expiatory Temple
  • The Cathedral and Churches of St. Agustin and St. Monica
  • Regional Museum of Guadalajara
  • Tlaquepaque City and Tonalá City- Amazing handcrafts !
  • Tequila City – The spirit of Mexico !

A Deep Dive into Mexico’s Traditional Cuisine

Are you a foody? Make sure that you “Do Not Miss” the following:

  • Tequila !
  • Tejuino – Typical drink by the Huichol people
  • Agua de Horchata – Guadalajara’s style
  • Carne en su Jugo -Beef with a special recipe
  • Pozole Rojo – Guadalajara’s style
  • Lonches de Pierna – Pork baguettes with a special recipe
  • Jericalla – Delicious dessert
  • Tortas Ahogadas – A delicious hangover-cure
  • Birria – Another hangover-buster


Guadalajara provides all types of accommodations with affordable rates and great service.  Guadalajara’s hospitality is something that you will definitely miss when you go back home.  And nevertheless, we offer the Ruby Recovery Home for your recovery !

Cosmetic Surgery

A city like Guadalajara offers a top level service in cosmetic surgery.  Innovare Hospital is exclusively for cosmetic surgery patients and features cutting-edge technology.  This is a plus when you are looking for the best standards. And Dr. Ruben Agredano is one of the best cosmetic surgeons in Mexico.  He is a real master in his art and is 100% committed to offer the best results along with the best of service.  So Guadalajara, MX is absolutely recommended as the # 1 destination for an amazing journey! Start your plastic surgery Guadalajara with us today.

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