The beautiful city of Mérida is also called as “La Ciudad Blanca” (White City).  This is because of the white limestone used in buildings, and their popular white clothing called “Guayaberas”.  The White City was founded on the 16th century by Francisco de Montejo aka “El Mozo” right where the Mayan city of T’ho (five hills) was located.  Unfortunately, their five pyramids were destroyed, and the remainings used in the construction of new buildings. Nowadays, Mérida features an amazing historic center, the second largest in Mexico.

Mérida’s Unique Culture

Despite the strong Spanish influence in the Yucatan Peninsula, it developed a unique culture. Its Mayan identity survived along the centuries in unexpected ways.  They feature a unique style of handcrafts, unique hand-made clothing and superb cuisine.  People speak Spanish with a different accent than the rest of the country. Can you believe that? Mayan dialect is still spoken by one third of the population! The local indigenous culture is highly respected and that is amazing.

Main Attractions

The White City is full of stunning buildings, nearby Mayan ruins, cenotes and flamingos:

  • Plaza Mayor in downtown
  • San Idelfonso Cathedral
  • Mayan World Museum
  • Paseo de Monteo & Casa de Montejo Museum
  • Palacio Cantón (Anthropology Museum)
  • Lucas de Galvez Market – Handcrafts, delicious food, and more!
  • Uxmal, Kabbah and Chichen-Itzá Ruins (day-trips) – These are “do not miss” attractions
  • Telchac – Watch the wild flamingos in the pink lagoo(Laguna Rosada)! (day-trip)
  • Three cenotes of Cozuma (day-trip)

Yucatan Cuisine

This is everyone’s favorit part.  The unique flavor of the Yucatan cuisine:

  • Cochinita Pibil – This is Yucatan’s iconic dish with tender pork in sour-orange sauce and other spices.
  • Pollo Pibil – The same receipe with chicken!
  • Poc-Chuc – Grilled pork marinated in sour-orange.
  • Pavo Relleno Negro – Turkey with dark chili
  • Sopa de Lima – A delicious soup with turkey and lime juice.
  • Papadzules – Hard boiled eggs, with tortillas and pumpkin sauce.
  • Huevos Motuleños – This is Yucatan’s iconic breakfast from the town of Motul. Eggs, beans, cheese, ham, peas and sauce.
  • Marquesitas – Crispy crepe with the filling if your choice.

Cosmetic Surgery and Hospitals in Mérida, Mexico

In addition, Mérida counts with clean streets, safe surroundings and wonderful people. And many of the best surgeons in the world are from this city. Most hospitals feature cutting-edge technology and vanguard facilities.  And a plus is that many surgeons from Mérida operate in Houston, Texas.  They are fluent in several languages, high skilled, specialized and experienced in their profession.  And we are glad to work with one of its most experienced cosmetic surgeons.  You can read all about Dr. Ramón Navarro right here:

Meet Dr. Ramon Navarro in Mérida, MX

Hair Restoration in Mérida, Mexico

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