Nowadays, cosmetic surgery seems to be a modern treatment category.  However, the art of plastic surgery started thousands of years ago.  Let’s have a look at the origins and how it evolved after the world wars.

The Beginnings

In the Roman Empyre, the physicians had to practice rudimentary reconstructive surgery on gladiators.  Their damaged bodies and faces made possible the beginnings of plastic surgery.  In Egypt, their healers experimented with nose reshaping as stated in the famous “Edwin Smith Papyrus“.   Later on, a medical text was written in medieval India about nose reconstruction.  In the 16th century, Gaspare Tagliacozzi known as the Founder of Plastic Surgery, developed the “Italian Method” of nose restoration, started by Gustavo Branca and his son Antonio.

WW1 and WW2

The outbreak of World War I pushed plastic surgery to the spot light.  The desfigured faces and bodies of soldiers triggered reconstructive surgery.   During World War II, military plastic surgery centers were created.  And at the same time, Hollywood stars started taking advantage of facial cosmetic surgery.  The youthful and attractive appearance became a fashion.  If you take a close look at the beautiful actresses of that time, you can see nose jobs and chin augmentations done. No wonder why they became film star legends !

The Unforgettable 50’s / 60’s

Dr. Fernando Ortiz-Monasterio is considered the ‘Father of Plastic Surgery’ in Mexico.  He attended university in Mexico City and continued his higher education in USA. After returning home in the 50’s, he established the speciality of plastic and reconstructive surgery in Mexico and Central America. Dr. Ortiz-Monasterio also hold the Presidency of the American Association of Plastic Surgeons, among others.  Nowadays, the Plastic Surgeons who studied and practiced under his wing are considered the best qualified.

The New Age

Along with the new age movement, plastic surgery came to the spot in the 70’s.  Surgeons started doing facelifts using SMAS (superficial musculoaponeurotic system).  This is a famous technique that supports the framework of the face and provides better and long lasting results. In the 80’s, the profession of plastic surgeon was available in universities for those interested in pursing a career.  Around the 90’s along with the world wide web, innovations in the field catched the public’s eye, such as ultrasonic liposuction.

Next Generation

A great advance of the 21st century is 3D imaging.  Looking at physical models of your surgery outcome is one of the next generation advances.  3D-printed tissue implants can also be used to enhance the body or face.  Telemedicine has revolutionized the process.  It allows you to meet the surgeon, ask questions and address concerns.  Medical Travel is also one of the great advantages of this century.  You can get your surgery done at affordable pricing in many countries specialized in international patients.

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Scheduling your Teleconsultation

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