Cosmetic Surgery is Not About Vanity

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We are now in the 21st century, but many of us are still judgmental about people undergoing cosmetic surgery.  We all have heard phrases like "They are just frivol people driven by vanity" or "They are just empty people wanting to feel better about themselves" among many others.  So it seems to be ok to

Cosmetic Surgery, Beauty, Glow, Charisma

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There it seems a little bit of confusion when people think of beauty, glow and charisma.  Basically, most people think they are quite the same thing, but actually they are very different concepts.   Cosmetic Surgery is all about beauty and enhancing your looks.  And that certainly can add glow and charisma to your personality, but

Can I Die During Cosmetic Surgery ?

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This is a mind blowing question.  Why would you die getting cosmetic surgery ?  It is indeed an unfortunate fact that there are many reported deaths of people during and after cosmetic surgery.   Some destinations like Miami and Dominican Republic, have plenty of publicity about this fatalities.  And on the other hand, Liposuction and Brazilian

Do I Need A Revision Surgery ?

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Evaluating your cosmetic surgery results is of utmost importance.  Cosmetic surgery is not a one-minute process and it will take some time for you to see the real results.  This is the reason why you are responsible for evaluating your own process.  Your Cosmetic Surgeon will certainly walk you through the recovery period, and will

Why Do I Need a BMI Lower Than 30 ?

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This is a very good question.  Being a candidate for cosmetic surgery is all about having a BMI lower than 30.  Your BMI is the Body Mass Index that is calculated out of your height and weight.    When your BMI is higher, you are not exactly a good candidate for cosmetic surgery.  And this

Why Traveling Abroad in a Pandemic World ?

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It is 1.5 years now that the whole world suffered the lockdown.  Weeks of uncertainty when nobody knew what was going to happen next.  However, a few months later, some countries opened its borders, but some others are still strugging with  too many requirements to enter.   And in the worst case, many people still cannot

Staying in a Hotel or a Recovery House

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Pros and Cons of a Recovery House It is very common to hear about patients staying in a Recovery House after their cosmetic surgery.  This type of recovery centers have available nurses, chefs, concierges and medical monitoring.   Patients usually have all meals included, as well as confortable rooms with bathroom, that can be private or

Why Do I Need A Teleconsultation ?

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Why Do I Need to Meet The Surgeon ? Face-to-face consultations are the traditional way of communication between doctor and patient.  However, when you are looking to travel abroad for surgery, teleconsultation becomes very useful.  One of the important steps that you need to take when undergoing a cosmetic journey, is to meet your surgeon. 

Is it Safe to Have Cosmetic Surgery Done ?

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We have heard plenty of horror stories about people dying in the OR or a few hours after cosmetic surgery.  Why does this happen ? Because there is a always a risk in any surgery ?  Or  because the patient is a heavy smoker ? Well, horror stories do not happen in Gorgeous Getaways. While

Wearing a Compression Garment After Surgery

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Why Do I Need to Wear a Compression Garment ? Wearing a compression garment is a must after your cosmetic surgery.  Because pain and swelling is the normal response of the body, the compression garment will help you reduce the swelling and absorb sweat.  This will definitely prevent bruising and your recovery period will be

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