Years ago I used to work in a great cosmetics company, where you can find loads of amazing skincare and makeup products.   So I know everything about the Art of Makeup.  It can certainly modify traits, conceal flaws and contour your face in such a way that youwill look stunning.   But it is certainly expensive, and it takes a couple of hours to achieve the results that you are looking for.  As every art, there is the perfection of the artist at play.  So whether you decide to be the artist, or to have somebody doing your makeup, it is a whole ritual to be performed every day.

MakeUp & Skincare

MakeUp has its counterpart that is skincare.  A damaged or dehydrated skin cannot be a good canvas for makeup.  So you definitely need to invest in nourishing your skin with good products that usually guarantee to beat the aging process.   You may also need to undergo aesthetic treatments to enhance your skin’s health.  Or you may like to consult with the dermatologist for a much accurate point of view about what you really need to show off an amazing skin.  And most certainly, you will have to limit your exposure to the UV rays as well.

Facial Rejuvenation

MakeUp & Skincare are your best friends whether you undergo a facelift or facial rejuvenation.  However, Facial Rejuvenation can definitely reverse engineer the aging process and provide you with an enhanced look without wrinkles and saggy skin.    Keep in mind that as much as makeup can help you conceal these flaws, it cannot vanish them.  You will look amazing with a 70-year old look with makeup, but, with a facial rejuvenation you will look incredibly rejuvenated with a stunning 50-year old look.

MakeUp, Skincare & Facial Rejuvenation

You can definitely use makeup after undergoing facial rejuvenation.  You just need to follow your post-op instructions to the letter, and your Surgeon will let you know when it is ok to start using creams and makeup.  So rest assured that they are your best allies when you want to look like a silver screen star.   It is all a matter of how you really want to look, and how you really want to feel. More confident ? Rejuvenated ? Younger ? Making a social impact ? Looking gorgeous is up to you !

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