Hair Restoration in Mérida, Mexico treats cases of androgenetic baldness.  This means baldness because of hereditary reasons.  It is a popular procedure that takes only a couple of hours, and it is available for women and men! Long entries in your forehead can make you look much older than you are.  Or if you have come to the point of wearing wigs or toupees on a regular basis, then you may consider hair restoration as the right fit for you.  This procedure uses your own hair follicles to restore the areas of your scalp in need of a permanent solution.

What to Expect of a Hair Restoration

Your Cosmetic Surgeon will explain to you everyting about the procedure and what to expect.  A successful outcome  depends on your “donor areas available” and the surface of your scalp that needs restoration.  The Surgeon extracts the individual hair follicles from your donor areas.  These areas are located in the sides and the back of your head, where you have the most quantity.  And individual hair follicle is a small pouch that contains from 2-5 hairs.  Then he/she will move them to the part of the head in need of restoration.

Hair Restoration Methods

  • Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) This procedure is the gold standard since 2005.  It uses micromotors and leaves no scars, with almost no signs of extraction.  And the best part is that recovery time is of one day or two at the most.  With micropunches, the Surgeon extracts the individual hair follicles.   Then he inserts them in the surface of the scalp presenting hair loss.
  • Follicular Unit Transplantation (FUT) – This method was very popular in the 90’s.   The surgeon used to cut a strip of skin from the back of the head.  Then he/she would proceed to extract the individual hair follicles.  This was a total manual procedure without micromotors, and the disadvantage was that it leaves a visible scar.
  • Artas™ Robotic System (FUE) – This is a minimally invasive procedure.  This system uses robotics to perform the FUE with intelligent algorithms.  It will follow the map of your scalp with precision to extract and implant the follicular units.  This is the most modern technique, but it is not meant for everyone’s needs. This is the reason why the FUE technique is the one used with most clients.

Hair Restoration in Mérida, Mexico (The White City)

Dr. Ramon Navarro is a highly skilled and experienced cosmetic surgeon in Mérida, Mexico.  He has 30+ years experience with international patients.  Dr. Navarro not only performs hair restoration, but also face and body procedures.  And aestheric procedures such as microdermoabrasion and plasma injections are also available! So if you are ready to enjoy the White City while you have your hair restoration or other procedures, then go for it!  Prices are absolutely affordable.

Meet Dr. Ramon Navarro in Mérida, Mexico


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