Henry is an amazing guy!  He surprises me every step of the way because he is like no other patient. He had been planning for years his cosmetic journey in Mexico, and he finally booked it in beautiful Cancun, Mexico.   Once he had his video consultation with Dr. Rafael Velazco he proceeded to book his surgery date.  Once here, all his lab tests, chest x-ray and EKG outlined very good results.  Henry wears a pacemaker, but you would not even notice.  He is full of life, optimism and courage to make his dreams come true.

The Day of the Surgery

Henry wanted to have several procedures done including face and body.  Imagine how brave he is ! And Dr. Rafael Velazco is such an experienced and skilled Surgeon that he did not doubt at all to go ahead with the surgery.  While other surgeons may had backed down, due to inexperience or lack of confidence in a positive outcome, Dr. Rafael Velazco was absolutely certain of success. So after 10 hours in the OR, Henry was doing perfectly well ! Amazing news. Henry not only proved that he is strong and healthy; he is a living example of willpower and success.

Days After Surgery

Dr. Rafael Velazco’s comments were:  “Henry is doing perfectly well, he is recovering fast and well.  He is very independent and eager to heal as soon as possible. He will definitely enjoy his results, and I am very happy for him”.  Henry is doing so well that he is bold enough to walk to enjoy the variety of options that the food court offers in the mall downstairs.  Can you believe it ?! He asked me if I have had any patients like him and my answer was  “Not at all!” He is definitely a one of a kind patient!

Does Henry’s Story Inspire You?

Hope you are inspired by Henry’s incredible cosmetic adventure.  If you feel that because of a medical condition you cannot make your dreams come true, think it twice.  Nowadays, modern medicine offers cutting-edge technology, and vanguard facilities which offers total safety for patients at all times. Henry had his surgery done in Azura Hospital, one of the three top hospitals in Cancun, Mexico.  This facility has more than 20 years working with the best surgeons and assisting local and international with great results.

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