Cancun is at 50% Capacity

There has been a lot of rumors lately about this amazing destination.  It seems that misinformation campaigns have plagued the internet for more than three weeks.   However, there is not more informed source on this matter than I am.  I have lived in Cancun, MX for many years now.  So I can tell you first hand, the requirements in Cancun and how things are here.  Cancun, MX is open since June, 2020, and has remained open for international travelers at 60-70% capacity.  The fact is that since May 14th, 2021, the new rule dictates 50% capacity.

Reinforcement of Safety Protocols

Alejandra Aguirre, Ministry of Health in the state of Quintana Roo, confirmed that safety protocols have being reinforced during these past weeks.  The goal is to reduce and eliminate any risk of contagions.  This applies for national and international visitors in order to ensure a “safe travels” stay.  A drastic measure for crowd-control is that main streets nearby bars and night clubs with heavy pedestrian traffic, are closed from 12am to 5am.  So, if you are looking forward to party all night long, unfortunately that is not possible at the moment.

Sanitary Bubble

A Sanitary Bubble is now required for conventions, exhibits, meetings, events, etc.   When there is a gathering of more than 12 people, an antigen test will be required for all attendees.  If these requirements are not met, a fine will be applied.  The same goes to all establishments that allow more than 50% capacity.  They will get a fine and customers dismissed.  Strict monitoring is in place to double check that these protocols are being followed to the letter.  Prevention and containment measures are the priority for Carlos Joaquín, the Governor of Quintana Roo.

Vaccination Process

Vaccinations started two months ago for healthcare and hospitality providers, as well as for people older than 50 years old.  Next week, vaccination starts for people younger than 50.  I am more than proud to give you these wonderful news.  Soon, the whole country will be vaccinated and this will ensure safety for everyone.  And on top of that, we are getting very ready to receive again flights from Canada.  With four flights p/week, we expect full house on July and August ! So hurry up !

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