From: United States.

Career: Retired Law Enforcement

Procedure: Full Facelift (Upper blepharoplasty, Face Lift, Neck Tightening

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Marcie’s Cosmetic Surgery Holiday in Cancun, Mexico

This is the story of Marcie’s cosmetic surgery holiday in Cancun Mexico! Her first trip with Gorgeous Getaways.

Around August 22, 2022 I started looking into blepharoplasty and a face lift when I saw my reflection in my car window and I didn’t like what I saw. I was strait up old looking. When did this happen?

I was just browsing the internet when I found the link for gorgeous getaways.  I filled out the quote request and Paty got back to me almost immediately. She provided me with two separate quotes from different practices. I was not sure of my exact date so I did not schedule my tele consultation for several months.

I was ready to schedule on Oct. 31, 2022 and Paty arranged the conferences and I was able to schedule my surgery date for November 30, 2022.  She managed to get this done in under 3 weeks’ time. I scheduled my surgeries with Dr. Rafael Velazco.

I cannot tell you how wonderful he is. I arrived in Cancun on Nov 28th I went immediately from the airport to Azura Hospital to have my consultation and all my lab work. A scheduling conflict came up with Azura Hospital. Dr. Velazco scheduled a surgery room at Mayaland Plastic Surgery Clinic. which was a top-notch facility with a wonderful staff. I arrived @ 0800 and met all the nurses and the anesthesiologist.

I speak no Spanish. Dr. Velazco made sure I had an English-speaking nurse take care of me. I spent the night in a private room and my nurse stayed with me the entire night. I believe I was the only overnight patient and they made sure I had food and hydration.

The next day Dr. Velazco came and checked on me and discharged me from the facility. Dr. Velazco took me back to my hotel and assisted me safely inside. I was in Cancun for 15 days after my surgeries.

He came to my hotel room for all my post-operative checkups. He is so professional and caring I still cannot believe the great experience that I had. I have had surgery in the US and I felt like I was rushed out of post op recovery and sent home. With Dr. Velazco and Paty they both were in constant contact and always responded if I had any questions.

I have documented this progression from day 1 with photos and videos below

Arrival and Pre-Consultation

4 Weeks Post Surgery

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