Meet Melanie, Your Client Engagement Manager! Melanie is originally from New Zealand and she is in charge of our Customer Care Services.  She has worked for 4+ years for Gorgeous Getaways and is very knowledgeable and highly skilled.  Her professional experience comes from customer service management in many different industries, so rest assured that you are in the very best of hands since the very beginning.  Melanie is focused on delivering the best client experience and she will guide you every step of the way to kick-start your cosmetic surgery holiday.

As soon as you make an inquiry, you will hear from Melanie.  She will point you in the right direction according to your needs and expectations.  So take advantage and ask her everything you want.  There are no silly questions, so do not be shy. Melanie will address your doubts or concerns and will guide you on the next steps to request your firmquote.   Once your information is received, she will let you know and will introduce you to your Destination Manager, who will be in charge of planning your gorgeous getaway in your preferred destination.

On a Personal Note

On a personal note, Melanie lives a happy life. She loves the great work-life balance she gets from working with Gorgeous Getaways.  Married for 22 years, she has a beautiful stepdaughter, a gorgeous little grandaughter, and a great-little grandson.  She is family oriented, loves coffee in the morning, and enjoys gardening and reading. Her friends think of her as a loyal, supportive, and kind woman who always goes the extra mile to help anyone she cans. No doubt such a wonderful person is in charge of greeting you and making you feel like a fish in the water.

Melanie can provide you with a great overview of our services and destinations, as well as make you aware of all the variety of options that we have to offer as per the best surgeons and top hospitals around the world.  Melanie is your compass and will help you navigate through the incredible journey that you are about to start.  If you are looking for an exciting and memorable experience, you are in the right place, at the right moment, and in the right hands with Melanie.   So do not wait and contact her right away. You will be pampered with excellent service.

Request your Cosmetic Firmquote™

Go to our Patient Plus+ App; click on pre-departure and request your firmquote. Once you have filled in your medical history and uploaded your photos, we will forward your complete file to our Surgeons and will come back with a tailor-made quote for you. We also invite you to browse our Standard Price List in our website or just download our App available for Android and Apple.  You can also join our New Community where you can chat with us.

Earn High Interest on Your Savings

Our Patients Savings Plan offers you interest from 5% to 7% on your deposited savings towards any procedure in any of our preferred destinations.   And it also includes recovery homes and guest houses that are part of the program.  So if you do not have a destination yet in mind, or are still unsure of your surgery date, you can start earning interest from now on. Go ahead and fill in your request: Click Here.

Contact Us

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