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Join the Gorgeous Getaways Referral Program

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At Gorgeous Getaways, we highly value the relationships we have with our brand ambassadors, non-clients, and business partners. To express our appreciation and reward those who refer new clients or potential business partners to us, we have developed a comprehensive referral program that includes all three categories. Here's how it works: Program Definations

How To Get Priority Service With Gorgeous Getaways

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How To Get Priority Service With Gorgeous Getaways If you're considering traveling abroad for a medical procedure, and you want to get priority service the first step is to request a personal quote. Once we have this information we will be able to assess your needs and then recommend the most appropriate destination, hospital/clinic,

Why Book a Video Consultation or Call Back?

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Why Book a Video Consultation or Call Back? Watch Video Below! First, it is natural to ask a lot of questions when considering traveling abroad for any medical procedure. Over the past 20 years, we have found there are no one-size fits all responses as each client is unique with different experiences and expectations. 

Meet Patrizia (Paty) – Destination Manager for America & Europe

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Meet Patrizia (Paty) your Destination Manager for Mexico, Dominican Republic, Spain, Turkey and Dubai. If you are interested in any of these destinations, she will be more than happy to help you planning your dream surgery since the very beginning. Fluent in English and Spanish, Paty seamlessly delivers the perfect experience that meets and

Meet Melanie, Your Client Engagement Manager!

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Meet Melanie, Your Client Engagement Manager! Melanie is originally from New Zealand and she is in charge of our Customer Care Services.  She has worked for 4+ years for Gorgeous Getaways and is very knowledgeable and highly skilled.  Her professional experience comes from customer service management in many different industries, so rest assured that you

Meet Victoria, your Destination Manager for Asia

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Meet Victoria, your Destination Manager for clients choosing to travel to Asia. This lovely lady is originally from Russia and has worked for 6+ years with us.  She joined the dream team while she was living in Phuket, Thailand with her family and 2 little daughters.   At that time she was hosting the cosmetic and

Sign Up to our Affiliate Rewards Program

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Reward yourself with Gorgeous Getaways After nearly 20 years of offering cosmetic surgery holidays, we want to offer members the opportunity to earn income by "Referring a Friend" to Gorgeous Getaways. Simply complete the registration form below and we will give you a referral fee for each booking.  Once registered simply email [email protected] of

Rewards Catalog

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About Rewards Rewards are awarded for gorgeous getaways community members based on points and/or referrals (affiliates). Points are earned based on activity.  Please see the list of point activities here. Rewards will be announced bi-weekly (twice a month) for those with the most points (or participate the most during that time frame), or for a

Winner and Survey Results – VIP Upgrade Package

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Announcing the Winner of the VIP Upgrade Package Thank you to everyone that filled in the VIP survey contest.  We are delighted to announce the winner of the VIP upgrade package and survey results.  The winner was randomly selected from all submissions and will receive a VIP Upgrade package when she books her cosmetic holiday. The


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