Meet Victoria, your Destination Manager for clients choosing to travel to Asia. This lovely lady is originally from Russia and has worked for 6+ years with us.  She joined the dream team while she was living in Phuket, Thailand with her family and 2 little daughters.   At that time she was hosting the cosmetic and dental surgery holidays of all patients. And her job was to ensure everything ran smoothly while their stay, and she would also take her patients for lunch and dinner!

Victoria has personally met all the Plastic Surgeons in Phuket, Thailand, so she can advise you perfectly well about what to expect from each one of them.  She is all about meeting the expectations of the most demanding patients and has been successful over the years, with many happy patients under her belt. So you can trust her with your eyes closed. However, her life gave an unexpected turn in 2020, and had to move back to Russia.

Dramatic news was overwhelming – An aggressive type of breast cancer diagnosis.  While under medical treatment, she continued doing home office to support her patients.  Even though it was not easy at all to go through all the stages of aggressive treatments, her job was an incentive for her to pull through this chapter of her life.  Gorgeous Getaways supported her every step of the way, and that made her feel confident, cared for, and valued as a one-of-a-kind employee.

Her strong spirit, perseverance, professionalism, and willingness to live life at its fullest allowed her to beat the disease.  Now her health is thriving like never before. She is enjoying time again with her beautiful family as well as doing what she loves: Work for you to get the best surgery package! Isn’t this amazing!? I believe that there is a universal force acting on behalf of women like Victoria that would stop at nothing to beat any disease.  She is a winner.

About her personal life, she is an extremely optimistic and energetic person.  She loves sports, travel, arts, personal development, and organizing parties and events.   Victoria is also a motivator, life coach and personal finance consultant, and investor.  So take advantage of her wonderful charisma, knowledge, and high skills and contact her immediately to help you organize your beauty vacation. You will not regret it!

Victoria’s Destinations in Asia

  • Bangkok, Thailand
  • Phuket, Thailand
  • Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Seoul, South Korea
  • Bali, Indonesia
  • and more…

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