The very good news is that Mr. Carlos Joaquin Gonzalez, Governor or the State of Quintana Roo, officially announced that the outdoors mask mandate is lifted effective today. And Cancun, Mexico is celebrating!!! This amazing destination was declared low-risk according to the epidemiological situation, a couple of months ago.   And guess what ? It has also been announced that as of April 15th, 2022, the indoors mask mandate will also be removed.  So we look forward to a full return to normal times!!!

About Social Distance

While Quintana Roo is the first Mexican State to abolish the use of the mask, the Governor stated that this measure can be reverted in case of an outbreak.  So do not be surprised if  you see some people aroud wearing their mask 24/7. They are just being extra cautious.  So get ready to enjoy public spaces, the beach and open malls without the use of the mask!   You will only be asked to use it indoors, in crowds and on board public transportation.  Taking care of yourself is a must and keeping your social distance is absolutely recommended.

About The Tourist Batallion

This specialized military force is in charge of looking after tourists 24/7.  As a new measurement, they are also surveilling the beach all along the Cancun coast.  So do not be frightned if you see them walking along.  They actually have become one of the beach attractions!

Bars & Night Clubs

Opening until late hours have been granted to these establishments.  With Spring Break now, and Easter Week coming next April, visitors will find a great deal of fun, very much likely to the pre-pandemic times.  Cancun is expecting around 200k visitors from around the world in the next few weeks!

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