It is a fact that men are very interested in looking fit and young.  Their goals may include less wrinkles, a more defined jawline, a reshaped nose or an attractive body.  Nowadays, the prototype of a masculine image and a great body shape is considered as athletic-looking.   Broad shoulders and chest as well as narrow hips and tighs are very attractive.  However, the Six-Pack Abs have an incredible effect.  A designer abdomen not only makes you look trim and athletic, but also strong.

What are Six-Pack Abs ?

Abs are the well toned abdominal muscles.   Six packs are the protruding muscles over well toned abs.  If you are looking to get six packs over your abs, you need to burn the excess fat.   Or you need an abdominal etching procedure.  Keep in mind, that you need well defined abs in order for this procedure to be successful.  The surgeon will redefine perfectly well your six packs.  Let’s have a look at this famous procedure used to sculpt a designer abdomen.

What is Abdominal Etching ?

Abdominal etching is a new liposuction technique that creates a muscular and rippled appearance of the abdomen.  Keep in mind that you need to have good skin elasticity and moderate excess of fat for this procedure to be successful.   Otherwise, you will also need a tummy tuck which targets sagging skin, loose abdominal muscles and neglected hernias.   Your surgeon will need to remove the excess skin, eliminate the excess fat and tighten the muscles.

Can I Achieve Six-Pack Abs without Surgery ?

Yes.   You need to have a full exercise plan that will take you 12-24 months.  The faster way is to do more cardio (aerobics) and increase the protein intake.  Staying hydrated is essential as well as excersizing your abdominal muscles.  High intensity interval training is also a must along with a healty diet.  Say no to processed foods and refined carbs.   Eating loads of fiber along with an active lifestyle is a good formula.  Find enough time to sleep and relax.  The goal is to be healthy, focused and active in order to achieve your goal.

After Surgery – Recovery Period

Let’s say that instead of diving into a full exercise routine, you decided to have cosmetic surgery done.  Then you need to be aware of what needs to be done to get a speed recovery.   The following four weeks after your procedure are critical to obtain a good outcome.  It is a good idea to have someone to help you out during this period of time. It is important to follow to the letter the instructions of your cosmetic surgeon.  This decision will make you recover sonner than expected.  These may likely include:

  • Taking at least one week off work after returning home
  • Wearing tight compression garments
  • Getting enough rest
  • Avoiding the sun
  • No carrying nor lifting heavy weight stuff
  • No drinking nor smoking
  • No exercise, sports and sex

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