There was a time when traveling in large groups was possible.  However, the new normal has forced us to enjoy life with very small groups at home with our closest friends and family.  Fortunately, after almost two years of lockdowns and travel restrictions, things are starting to change a bit.  We still cannot enjoy touring along with 50 people, but we have managed to organize “The Gorgeous Getaways Group Holiday 2022”, for next summer in Mexico!  This group will be up to 20 people from all around the world coming together to have their dream surgery done.

The Benefits of the Gorgeous Getaways Group Holiday 2022

These are some of the advantages of traveling in a group:

  • Make new acquaintances with common interests, and makenew friends!
  • You can organize your own group
  • You can travel with your friends and/or family
  • Take advantage of group rates in flights, accommodations and transportation
  • Get discounts up to 55% off regular price in cosmetic procedures
  • Get discounts up to 35% off regular price in the designated recovery home

Where in Mexico ?

The Gorgeous Getaways Group Holiday 2022 will take place inthree different destinations:

  • Cancun – The #2 Leisure Destination in the World – Ready to enjoy the turquoise waters and white-powder sand beach? Or maybe the delicious seafood and amazing theme parks? And do not forget the ancient Mayan ruines nearby, like Chichen-Itzá or Tulum!
  • Puerto Vallarta – Considered the most romantic port in Mexico – Once home of Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton! Enjoy its delicious cuisine, breathtaking sunsets and spectacular views from the top of the hill.  And do not forget to tour the new Nayarit Riviera all along up the coast.
  • Guadalajara – The land of tequila and mariachi! Ready to enjoy the best Mexican cuisine? This city offers warm weather the entire year, roses along all the main avenues, and they also offer a Recovery Home where you will be pampered every step of the way.  Isn’t this great?

Tems of Service

  • You need a 30 BMI (Body Mass Index)
  • Members need to undergo at least two procedures
  • Booking needs to be done with the 10% deposit
  • Balance Due needs to be covered three weeks before arrival
  • Surgeries are to be scheduled in the same destination, surgeon and hospital

What is The Process ?

Two surgeries will be performed every day from Tuesday to Saturday, meaning 10 surgeries in one week.

Your itinerary will look like this example:

  1. Saturday – Arrival at the Destination and Welcome Dinner!
  2. Sunday – Day Off!
  3. Monday -8am – Laboratory Tests, Chest x-ray, EKG and preoperatory consultation with Surgeon
  4. Tuesday – 8 am – Surgery
  5. Wednesday – 11am – Discharge from Hospital
  6. From Thursday Onwards – You will have plenty of time to relax and recover.  You will have post consultation appointments, in which your Surgeon will remove your drains and the stitches as well.  Then you will be authorized to go back home.

Important: If your surgery is scheduled for a Friday, then you can certainly arrive on Wednesday, so no worries! We will carefully help you planning your Gorgeous Getaways Holiday 2022 according to your specific needs. Contact me directly for more details at: [email protected]


Travel With a Group For Your Dream Surgery


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