It is important to clarify that Vaginal Rejuvenation and Penoplasty are not gender reasignment surgeries.  Both types are available for any woman or man that may feel unhappy about their genitals and want to regain self-confidence.  If you want to feel better about your genitals, it is perfectly normal.  There is nothing wrong to want an enhancement and Genital Surgery is your a great choice.  You will need and expert surgeon on this matters and we have one of the best in Mexico.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation usually combines vaginoplasty and labiaplasty.  Vaginoplasty tightens the vagina.  Labiaplasty reshapes the vulva or labia (the outer and inner lips of the vagina). Vaginal rejuvenation offers increased self-confidence and comfort.  If you desire recontouring after aging, childbirth or significant weight loss, this procedure is the right one for you.  It contours your vaginal structures and will allow the sorrounding muscles to return to nearly the tightness you had before pregnancies.

Benefits of Vaginal Rejuvenation

  • A recontoured and trim vagina
  • Wearing bikini will be enhanced by your sleek new shape.
  • No more soreness or pain with sexual activity, horseback or bycycle riding
  • Sensation enhancement during intercourse
  • Relief of stress urinary incontinence


Penoplasty refers to penile lengthening and girth enhancement.  Both procedures can be combined successfully in a single surgery session.  There are other procedures such as non-surgical glans enlargment, penoscrotal webbing, suprapubic lipectomy and V-Y Flap Surgery that are also available, depending on your specific case.  And remember that it is a fact that you will not loose sensitivity after a penoplasty. Once the healing is complete, the sensitivity will recover normally.  It usually happens one month after surgery.

Penile Lenghtening

It is important to consider that if you are not already circumcised, you will need to have it done before surgery.  The whole purpose of enlargement penoplasty is to increase penis lenght.  The surgeon makes an incisión at the base of the organ and cuts the ligament that attaches it to the body.  This will cause it to extend out further from the body and be more visible. A gain of 2 to 6 cms. can usually be obtained after surgery.   It will be swollen after the procedure, but, a perfect full recovery is expected in six weeks.

Girth Enhancement

This surgery is meant to increase the width of the penis.  The surgeon will use fatty tissue removed from another part of your body to sew strips off at underneath the skin of the male organ (dermal fat grafting) or inject fat into it (fat transfer).  The procedure will take only from 30-60 minutes and you will need to rest for a week before you go back to work.  Girth enhancement will increase the circumference from 10-30%.  But, keep in mind that the maximum degree of enlargement depends entirely on your specific anatomy.

Dr. Juan José Méndez

Dr. Juan Jose Mendez is LGBT friendly and one of the most highly respected cometic surgeons in Mexico.  He is famous for performing Gender Reassignment, Vaginal Rejuvenation and Full Penoplasty surgeries in Mexico and USA.  Dr. Mendez is double board certified and his own clinics are located in Mexico City and Saltillo. We recommend the one located in the exclusive zone of Santa Fé, in Mexico City, where you will find the best hotels, restaurants and shopping malls.  Or if you are closer to the north of Mexico, Saltillo is your best choice.  You can fly to Monterrey and just drive for 1.5 to get there.

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