Drains Can Be Your Best Friends

Whenever you have a cosmetic surgery procedure, such as Arm Lift, Breast Surgery, Tummy Tuck or Facial Rejuvenation, you will need “surgical drains”.   Your Cosmetic Surgeon will need you to bear with the drains for a couple of days, even if this is a little stressful.   And you need to be a good girl/boy and be careful not to pull them out of your skin because it can be very painful.  One of our wonderful patients, Tammi, even decided to name each of their two drains, so she could relate to them as “friends”.   Such a great technique !

Why Are Drains So Important ?

It is a fact that they may be an annoying phase of the recovery period.  But, drains prevent fluid accumulation in the surgical site, reason why they are of utmost importance.  Fluid accumulation underneath the tissues, creates a pocket called “seroma”. Drains prevent this complication to occur.  There is also another type of fluid accumulation that is called “hematoma”.  This means blood accumulation and there may be active bleeding.  In both cases, the drains will enable the Surgeon to detect it and intervene in a promptly manner.

What About The Fluids ?

At the beginning they will come out reddish, then pinkish and later on yellowish.  If the fluids are bright red color, let your Surgeon know immediately.  This may be a sign of hematoma formation.  If the liquid has a bad odor, this may be a sign of infection, so you need to let your Surgeon know immediately as well.   Your body will tell you when something is not right.  So better keep the Surgeon’s instructions to the letter when it comes to the proper care that you should have when carrying the drains.

Will I Feel The Drains Underneath My Skin ?

They are usually attached to your skin with one stitch to hold them in place.   It is not likely that you will feel them, but you need to be careful not to make unnecessary movements.   If you pull them by mistake, this can be painful and you need to let your Surgeon know, so he makes sure that they are in place.   And no worries, after a few days you will have them removed and you will feel so relieved !!  At the end of the day, drains are a very important part of your speed recovery.  So just be patient and enoy the ride, as Tammi once did.

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