A Great Summer Body

Are you ready for a gorgeous summer body?  Perhaps a breast reduction Mexico? If you are looking for body contour and a sculpted silhouette, then this is your opportunity.  Mommy Makeovers procedures have changed the life of many women that are tired of sagging skin and excess fat.  If you want to feel totally rejuvenated and look amazing in swimsuit, then go for it.  Mommy Makeovers usually include Breast Lift + Breast Implants + Tummy Tuck + Liposuction + Brazilian Butt Augmentation.

Mommy Makeovers – Summer Special – Cancun, MX

$ 11,399 USD – Galenia Hospital – Dr. Ruben Agredano

$ 10,699 USD – Amerimed Hospital – Dr. Ruben Agredano

$ 8,299 USD – Azura Hospital – Dr. Rafael Velazco

Mommy Makeovers – Summer Special – Guadalajara, MX

$ 10,699 USD – Innovare Hospital – Dr. Ruben Agredano

Terms and Conditions

  • Prices include medical, nurse and anesthesiologist fees + 1 night hospital
  • Bookings must be made from July 15th, 2021 thru August 31st, 2021
  • Surgery dates are available from July 15th, thru December 31st, 2021
  • BMI must be no higher than 30

Choosing Between Cancun and Guadalajara

Cancun has white-powder beaches and turquoise waters that have no comparison.  So this is a plus.  On the other hand, Guadalajara features the best Mexican food that you have ever had, tequila, and mariachi!   So where to go ?  If you want to be super pampered, then we recommend Guadalajara because you can stay at the Ruby Recovery Home.  Their patient coordinators, nurses and chef, are fantastic people who will take care of you 24/7.  And if you are an independent soul, and want to have an amazing Oceanview, then your choice is definitely amazing Cancun! Book your procedure i.e. breast reduction Mexico, with us today.

Meet Dr. Ruben Agredano in Guadalajara, MX

Meet Dr. Rafael Velazco in Cancun, MX

Requesting your Cosmetic Firmquote™

If you are planning to have your cosmetic surgery done in the next couple of months, go ahead and request your firmquote: Click Here.   It will include your medical history and photos. We will forward your complete file to our Surgeons in order to  obtain their feedback and a taylor-made quote for you.   We also invite you to check our Standard Price List in our website or just download our App available for Android and Apple.  You can also join our New Community where you can chat with any of us.

Requesting your Dental Firmquote™

If you would like to combine your cosmetic surgery in Cancun with dental treatments, you just need to fill in your medical history and upload your panoramic x-rays and photos.   In the next couple of days we will provide you with a taylor-made quote and the Surgeons feedback.  Go ahead and Click Here

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