There are many points of view and different perspectives about the “cosmetic surgery effect”. So belive it or not, some psychologists may tell you that people undergoing kind of cosmetic surgery, have low self-esteem and non-acceptance issues.   Therefore, the idea of “if you love and accept yourself” would be enough to live all your life happy with a deviated nose.  By logic, the more you love yourself, the more you love your body.  And that is the main reason why so many people invest plenty of their time in building a healthy, strong and attractive body.

A Transformation Outside & Inside

Another argument against cosmetic surgery is that the outside transformation will not benefit the inside.   This is like saying that no matter what, you will still have emotional and insecurity issues.  Well, I honestly disagree as a Psychologist.  People that have undergone dental restoration or nose reshaping, have changed their attitude completely overnight.  Their sadness, lack of confidence and hiding from the public eye, simply vanish.  They wake up with enough stamina everyday, to see in the mirror a better version of themselves, and be happy !

Creating Vs. Faking

You will hear that the “new fake version of yourself” is not going to thrive just because you look better.  When someone tries to pull you down with this kind of non-sense, you need to stand-up and speak your truth.  The new you is a creation of yourself that deserves to be loved and respected.  Everyone is inclined to beauty because it exalts the spirit, so there is nothing wrong with enhance your looks. You have every right to master your life, and the choice to become a better version of yourself, comes directly from your mind and your heart.  So there is no faking.

No to Social Pressure

The ideal is for you to find the right balance between body, mind, and spirit.  If you are thinking of having cosmetic surgery because your boyfriend is constantly bullying you about your sagging breasts, then that is probably not the right choice. Changing your body to make someone happy ?  If you are going ahead with it, that must be your own decision for the right reasons. Your body, your choice.  So do not fall for social pressure to become someone else.  That is not a wise choice, that if made, it will certainly come with loads of emotional distress.


Cosmetic Surgery is Not About Vanity

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