Have you heard about Body Positivity, and how it relates to Plastic Surgery?  The Body Positivity Social Movement aims to improve self confidence, and to build a positive body image. It challenges the ideals of physical beauty as determined by society.  So Body Positivity is all about feeling confortable and beautiful in your own skin, regardless of gender, age, race, weight, etc.  On the other hand, Plastic Surgery is nowadays all about your individuality and enhancing your own beauty.  Changing your appearance to look like a silver screen movie star is no longer a trend.

Plastic Surgery Focus on Individuality

Many years ago, Plastic Surgery was a distant dream that only celebrities could afford.  However, it is now available and affordable to everyone.  It focus on the individual’s needs and expectations, and enhances your own beauty.   The natural look is what Plastic Surgeons are aiming for.    So you no longer need to look like a super model in magazines.  Big breasts, big hips or big butt does not look natural.  Your goal is to enhance your own looks, so you can become the very best version of yourself.

Ethnic Plastic Surgery and Body Positivity

Your ethnic identity is a gift, because your own features makes you so unique.  There is no need to fix a nose just to have a more Western look.  Or to have an eyelid surgery just to hide your Eastern heritage.  Body Positivity is to accept yourself as a whole.  Ethnic Plastic Surgery focuses on enhancing your natural looks.  It does not change your appearance. So make sure that your Plastic Surgeon is skilled and experienced in this matter.  Your goal is to look as wonderful as you can and be proud of your roots.

Are you ready to look amazing?

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