As of today, October 11th, 2021, the state of Quintana Roo has been declared a “low-risk zone”.  Meaning that Cancun, Mexico is also declared a low-risk zone!!  Since this amazing destination opened on June, 2020, it changed the marker from orange to yellow, back and forth many times.   But finally, the downgrade to green marker has been granted.  Cancun, Mexico is expecting thousands of tourists for fall/winter season.   And remember that Mexico welcomes unvaccinated visitors! So do not wait and book now your surgery date.

Cancun On the Rise

Believe it or not, only in 2021, Cancun, MX received 9+ million international travelers.  As of today, 85% of the population in the state of Quintana Roo is vaccinated.   All hospitals are cleared now, with only 10% of Covid19 cases and dropping.  And rest assured that the green marker means 80% capacity allowance.   Healthy distance and new normal protocols stay in place.  No handshakes, and masks are still mandatory. You will also find temperature monitors and antibacterial gel available everywhere.

Travel Insurance, Antigen Tests

Travel insurance may be for very cautious people, but if you would like to consider it, there are Travel Insurance  companies that cover Covid19.    If you are returning to the US/Canada, you will need an antigen test 72 hours prior to departure.  Some resorts provide that for a special fee, or you can also go directly to the designated laboratories.  And you can also have it done at the airport from 6am-9pm. Results are ready in 1/2 hour, so you just need to arrive with plenty of time in advance.

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